Do you want the best 4-person backpacking tent? If you love camping but don’t know where to find a fantastic gear, you just landed on the right site. You shouldn’t get scared of tents. We have all heard of horror stories of torn rain flies, broken poles, and wet nights in the wilderness. You don’t have to feel frightened of camping anymore. We have good news for you. In this article, we will help you find a quality tent that qualifies as a home.



There are many types of tents out there. However, choosing the right one will guarantee you endless moments of laughter and fun. Are you going camping soon? Go through our sure guide to have a better camping experience with your family. Scroll down to find the best features to look for in a backpacking tent for four.

1. Capacity

How many people do you want to fit in your tent? If you have a family of four, then a spacious backpacking tent of four is the best option. Moreover, if you plan to bring your dog along, you may have to choose a bigger camping gear. Hence, ensure that you get a tent that has a space of 20 square feet per person.

2. Weight

You will need camping equipment that is lighter in weight. Consequently, have something that you won’t mind carrying on your back for more extended periods. Select an ultralight backpacking tent. Skinny and light-weight poles characterize such a shelter. 

Luckily, the poles are usually more durable than others found in car camping gears. Although backpacking tents are more expensive, the price is worth it.

3. Three seasoned tent

Importantly, choose a backpacking gear for four that is categorized as three sophisticated equipment. It means that it is designed for spring, summer, and winter. Interestingly, with such type of tent, it can withstand:

  • Heavy rains
  • Harsh winds
  • Light and heavy snow

 4. Resilient tent

Since your backpacking gear is meant for four people, you will need a more resilient tent. Choose a tent with more poles and more substantial fabric. Are you going for winter or alpine camping? Select one with a geodesic and dome structure. It would withstand high winds and hold the weight of snow.

5. Comfort

Your camping gear ought to give comfort! Make sure that your tent is made of soft materials to provide you with the livability you deserve. Your tent is your sanctuary during a storm. Hence, ensure that it is strong enough to provide livability.

6. Height

Select a backpacking tent with a higher peak height. Height is just essential as capacity and surface area. Do you want to sit up comfortably in your tent to have fun with the family? Choose a gear with an interior height of three feet six inches. Besides, have camping equipment with more vertical walls to offer more shoulder room. Being in such a tent feels more thrilling and spacious to move.

7. Entrances

Choose a tent that has multiple doors. It would ease how cramped you feel while inside the camp. With multiple entrances, you are less likely to climb over someone for a break in the wee hours of the night.

Importantly, choose gear with broadsides and feet doors that are easier to pass through.  Having a single feet door is ideal for four campers. It would make the gear sturdier in extreme weather conditions.

8. Vents

Vents are one of the essential features in a camping tent. Surprisingly it is a component that is always over-looked by many campers. A backpacking tent for four needs a lot of mesh for ventilation. With four people in a tent, hot, humid air makes the tent stuffy.

Hence, having a lot of mesh in place keeps the condensation to a minimum level. It is due to Ia proper circulation of air in the tent. So, when choosing a camping gear for four, select one with many vent outlets.

9. Footprints

Another t over-looked feature in a tent is the footprint. It helps to create a barrier between your gear’s floor and the ground. Not all tents have this feature in place. Therefore, as you look for a quality tent for you and your loved ones, select one with a footprint. Having footprints will extend the shelter’s life expectancy. Besides, it would save the tent’s floor from wear and tear of a stray pinecone, stones, and branches.

10. Clips

Select a backpacking gear with durable clips to attach the tent to the poles. Clips help to create more space between the structure’s body and the rain fly. It provides more air circulation hence reducing condensation in the tent. Strive to have clips in place before you even think of going on a camping spree. They are easier to set up!

11. Sleeves

Have a tent with sturdier sleeves made of fabric material. Fabric is known to last long and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They are easier to clean and maintain.

12. Colour

The color of your tent influences how comfortable the shelter is. Choose a tent with a lighter color. It would allow more sunlight to pass through the walls. As a result, it would make the interior of the canvas, less dark, adding a pleasant feeling into the camp. You will enjoy your stay in the tent during cloudy and rainy days when bounded in the shelter for hours.

13. Storage

Do you plan on taking a few bags of luggage? If you plan on carrying a few items to your camping place, you will need a backpacking tent with enough storage vestibules. They are floorless storage places in your gear. Select a shelter with enough lobbies. Alternatively, you can decide to choose a tent with a vestibule extension for more storage space.


Deductively, if you love camping with your family or friends, nothing should stop you. You have everything you need to go on a fun trip with your loved ones. This article will give you the insights you need to find the best 4-person backpacking tent. All you have to do is read, and you will pat yourself on the back for doing so. 

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