Snake proof Gaiters for Hiking – Brokemountain

Snake proof Gaiters

Snake proof gaiters are the second next to prevent snake bites from boots. These are shingle guards designed to stop the invasion of snakes. There are different brands, and most are effective at heights similar to snake boots, about 30 to 40 cm long. Snake proof Gaiters vary from production to production, with cheaper samples made … Read more

What are the Requirements for the Hiking Merit Badge?

Hiking merit badge

Strong Hikers are capable of separating inexperienced soft feet from actual scout considerations. If you are ready to join your troupe and prove yourself, this guide will help you explore nature trails, answer deserving leaves and get merits of mountain climbing and earn you’re the Hiking merit badge. If you like scouting, swimming, walking, or cycling, … Read more

Hiking Checklist: What to Bring on a Hike


Introduction To What to Bring on a Hike Hiking, it’s a great exercise and also an excellent pastime for millions of people. It helps you train yourself in the art of perseverance in the woods. The result is a healthy mind and body. To enjoy climbing, you need to be prepared. Unprepared climbing is an … Read more