Introduction To Everest Base camp Elevation. Nepal’s Everest Base Camp is rated as one of the country’s most famous hikes. Nepal has a reputation as the “Land of the Himalayas”. Although it is quite small; the country still has a different relationship with geography, culture, and wildlife. Of the ten highest mountains in the world. Nepal has eight, of which Mount Everest – the highest peak in the world. That is why trekking in Nepal has become one of the most desirable adventures among enthusiastic travelers and migrants.

This country has many exciting edges that vary according to geography, cultural landscape, and particular landscape. Every year, thousands of migrants and travelers visit the country to enjoy the show Exhibition of cultural nature, and tradition. Among the trails in Nepal. The Everest region is considered the most famous. The Everest Base Camp elevation is the most extensive trip responsible for generating most income in the country’s tourism sector.



Walking to the highest peak

Who would have thought that? Walking to the highest peak camp in the world is a lot of effort and money? But this cannot be far from the truth. The Everest Base Camp Trekking is cheap and cheap. Able to be made at all times of the year and the entire population. Both beginners and experienced climbers can do this. Camping excursions are an excellent opportunity to get to know the Everest region (Also known as Khumbu). Many fascinating aspects and aspects, like the Sherpa culture. Which is rich in beautiful mountainous landscapes full of river valleys, valleys, glaciers, and tourist places in Maharangar mountains. The Himalayas with the highest peaks in the world.

Khumbu is an important Sherpa community in Nepal, and this region is concentrated and dense with Sherpa traditions and practices. A concentrate that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. The legendary Sherpa is famous for its ability to climb mountains and agility in the Himalayas. While most mountain aborigines follow their unique Buddhist style. Khumbu is adorned with shortens, Gumbs, mint coins, small stupas prayer flags, and precious stone sculptures.

Basic hiking camps:

the road to Everest runs through many villages in Khumbu and along the main river that runs through the region. Besides, the way to the base camp is decorated with alpine forest and meadows. In low places and areas covered with snow as the altitude increases. The view of the mountain peaks, like Lhotse Ama, Dablam, Nuptse, Thamserku, Changtse, and Kongdi Ri.

The Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail

  • The journey to Mount Everest base camp usually begins with flights from Kathmandu to Lukla. The trip from the country’s capital to Lukla takes about 30 to 40 minutes. And is considered one of the trips.
  •  The most notable soon in the world. Lukla Airport is also a very charming airport. Located on a cliff, and there is a single runway. That flows into the open valley below when the track ends. Mountains surround it, and high green mountains and the landscape of Lukla is very different from Kathmandu.
  •  This change will immediately appear as one of the terrains through. Which the trail will pass through the village of Lukla. Like Dingboche, Monk, Phakding, Tengboche, Namche Bazaar, and Gorakshep before reaching Everest base camp, trekking usually takes two weeks. But this period can be adjusted according to the needs and comfort of pedestrians.
  •  The time from one place to another takes about 5 to 6 hours. As the distance between the continuous villages in Khumbu is 10 to 12 kilometers. The acclimatization usually takes place in famous mountain towns. Namche and Dingboche Bazaar

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trekking

  • Both spring and autumn seasons are considered suitable for migration in Nepal. In spring, the temperature is about 20 to 25 degrees. In autumn, it has a temperature of 15 degrees. Depending on your taste, you need to choose the season. However, you don’t want to travel during the cold season.
  • The trek can be done at any time of the year and available throughout the year. Nepal has mainly four seasons that are experienced – autumn starts from September to December. Then spring which starts from March to May. Then there is winter starting from the end of December up to February. The final season is the summer which starts from June to August.
  • The spring and autumn seasons are considered to be exclusive. The best seasons for having a trek at the base camp. Due to the reason that the weather conditions in these months are vastly suitable and favorable.
  •  The clouds tend to dissipate, and the views of the mountains are unobstructed.  Winter and summer are not good for trekking; however, the trip can still be gone through. Monsoon mostly occurs in the summer months. Thus making the trekking trails slippery due to the muddy state brought about by the heavy constant rain. Mountain’s views are not also clear compared to spring or autumn seasons. Due to the heavy snow high passes in the mountains become blocked in the winter. With the region experiencing frigid temperatures. Plane tickets and hotels are mostly booked by trekkers during autumn and spring

Everest base camp pleasant surrounding

The first two days of walking in the green hills of the pine forest. As you cross the Dudh Kosi River, moving more than once on a suspension bridge. Part of this journey is more than a walk through nature, but also cultural. You will pass several steps and walls of Mani. Which consists of hundreds of stones carved with Buddhist prayers “Om Mani Padme Hum”. You will also pass a small village that grows vegetables that look good. Finally, reach the Sherpa capital Namche Bazaar at 11,286 feet. At that point, you’ll be taller than the top of the hood, which is Oregon’s peak.

Step By Step

There is a large village namely Namche Bazaar which is located in the shadow of Kwongde Riand and Kwong. There is a market that is held weekly and allows people to look good. The old women dressed in traditional clothes. Sat next to the baskets of vegetables they had been selling for a few days. Men wearing woolen hats, pour beans and flour out of a luxury measuring cup. People with more bellies may want to risk entering the meat area to see the butcher at work. Two small museums offer interesting information about the life of Sherpa and the Everest region in general.

Trekking to Everest base camp elevation also reveals a visit to the Tengboche temple. Along the route in the Tengboche village in Khumjung. It is a famous Tibetan Buddhist temple of the Sherpa people. And is also the center for migration in the Everest region. It is one of the largest Gompas in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Offering stunning panoramic views of the mountains, such as Tawache and Everest.

 The temple is delicately decorated with murals and precious religious paintings. And there are elaborate sculptures. The monetary monastery attracts many migrants traveling to Everest Camp.

The access Everest base camp

The access Everest base camp presents a place with the noble atmosphere of the mountains. This area is covered with snow and is very peaceful and beautiful. You will have a lifelong adventure with Everest Base Camp. Discover the wonderful natural surroundings adorned with emeralds, foliage, Torrent Rivers, and rare animals.

The trekking in the Khumbu region offers a great opportunity for you to see and participate. In a diverse and diverse culture of people, experience their traditions, and temples. A trail to Everest Base Camp elevation also offers the opportunity. To see spectacular mountain views and magnificent villages and settlements. Eye Trekking combines all aspects of the Everest region to provide you with an incredible adventure!

Find Dingboche village

During the walk, you will find Dingboche village, called “The Summer Valley”. Traveling from Tengboche, you will find a small Sherpa settlement located in the Chhukung valley. The river Imja flows directly east of the village.

One of Dingboche’s characters is the kilometer of a stone. Wall built of stones of various sizes that cover the entire Imja valley. Which is removed to plow the ground and ends up overlapping one kilometer. It is nicknamed “Summer Valley” because it receives more light. Then the village of Pheriche and is less affected by the cold wind that flows through the Khumbu valley.

Essential Trekking Equipment

The mountaineering required for the Everest Base Camp. Trek includes appropriate mountaineering shoes, a sleeping bag, a backpack, trekking poles, and appropriate edge clothing. It’s essential to have mountain boots that you know are “broken”. Walking in boots that you feel wrong. About can result in foot ulcers and an unwanted trip destroyed by the sensation. Of shoes not comfortable on mountainous terrain. It is therefore important to have good and comfortable walking shoes (of any brand, provided you wear comfortable clothing).

Trekking Equipment

I highly recommend a package as bright as possible. A softbox will result in complications and less chance of losing items. In the mountains. Doormen usually hire a backpack and can carry a maximum of 25 kg of weight between two people. Therefore filling a backpack weighing no more than 12 kg is the most suitable method.

Kathmandu hotels also offer security keys where you can store your excess luggage unnecessarily for the walk. There are many shops in Kathmandu that sell equipment for hiking and climbing. You can rent or rent them when you arrive in the city before starting the trip.

Other Trekking Equipment

 A suitable jacket is required. But if you walk during fall or spring. The temperature during the day will remain mild, and you will be able to comfortably climb a t-shirt and pants. The temperature drops by one or two marks at sunset, and the atmosphere freezes; therefore, warm hats, wool socks, and jackets are useful. Other important things include sunglasses, sunglasses, and mountain hats.

The Accommodations and Meals during the journey

Kathmandu has many hotels to choose from, from three to five stars. However, when the drive starts. The availability of accommodation in the mountains may be limited to inns, tea inns, and inns. Places like Phakding, Namche Bazaar, and Lukla they have more inns. I didn’t say the accommodation wasn’t comfortable. On the other hand, inns and inns are comfortable and offer breakfast and dinner.

Find Good Accommodations

 Generally, apartment accommodation is available in the mountains and sometimes cycling with other people (gay). There is electricity in the hostels, and some have wireless internet service. The laundry service cannot be used except in Namche, Lukla, and Phakding and requires a high fee for hot water.

At meals, there is vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Breakfast at the inn can range from toast, crab eggs, cakes, and fruit juices to muffins, plates of pasta and noodles. For dinner, walkers usually eat rice and vegetables. Serve lunch while traveling from one place to another in the afternoon. You can buy drinking water in shops in the mountains. The price of a liter of water during the ride is around $ 100 or $ 150. Trekkers can also bring a tablet of clean water.

This method is the best way to drink water because it does less damage to the environment. Then buying a plastic water bottle in the mountains and is easy to transport and transport. There are many fountains, ponds, and pumps in mountain villages And they fill bottles and clean with pills, thus perfecting drinking.

 It is important to know that tap water is not suitable for direct consumption. And for taking precautionary measures, such as water purification tablets before drinking water while walking.


Altitude Sickness and Acclimatization

Altitude disease is a disease of the body that occurs. When the body is unable to adapt to the high conditions in the mountains. The occurrence of this disease varies from person to person. If the symptoms of the disease are not treated properly, the condition can become severe. That’s why having the right time and getting used to the condition is important. During the walk so that the body adjusts to the height. Crying the trail without acclimatization is especially recommended for new mountaineers.

 Some symptoms of the disease include headache, sleep, and appetite. It is important to maintain adequate humidity while walking and eating enough food for energy.

 It is recommended to walk slowly and consistently at your comfortable pace. The drugs can be used to reduce the possibility of using drugs, such as Diamox. Which has helped some walkers use the drug since the start of the Kathmandu trip?

 If symptoms of the disease occur and no one can continue. We recommend resting and resting until you feel better before proceeding.

Money Issue

I’m sure most of you. Who plans to climb the hill has heard that it’s more expensive. When you climb high, but there are many exchange centers in Kathmandu where you can exchange foreign currencies. It is not recommended to accept foreign currency in the mountains, as it can be complicated. Changing money before a hike is the best way to avoid unnecessary problems while driving. The local currency also allows you to buy goods and pay bills easily on the mountain.

Find Cheap Resource

You’ll find a lot of articles from people who say to buy cheap Thamel equipment. But I still wouldn’t find it cheaper if you present a budget for the next two months in Asia. My partner and I spent over $ 1800 for both of our “cheap” simulators. (I only need a few things I buy most from Australia.) Flights to Lukla (return of around $ 500 per person!) To national parks

It is best to rent a jacket and sleeping bag. If you are going to the mountains for only two weeks. If you plan to spend a month (which we plan to). I will consider buying a sleeping bag as that may cause more rent. Next, we set a budget of $ 50 per day for a meal for both of us. But most of us tend to exceed that limit

Please do not take ten rolls of toilet paper during the walk, as many suggestions. It’s a lot to buy cheaply (Even if you’re on a budget). If you’re exhausted Save space in your suitcase for more important things. Like baby towels, which can be very expensive ($ 15 for a voice package at Namche Bazaar 3440 meters away)

Need Cash Withdraw

No one warns you about the many ATM fees in Kathmandu. Most of them don’t start. This is especially annoying when you have to cut short times. Due to the money and ATM soldiers in Namche Bazaar. And Lukla doesn’t work and takes money out of your account. Without paying (True story!) When they work, You can only withdraw about $125 at a time. While paying $ 7, AUD is an ATM fee over the card issuer. I paid an ATM fee of at least $ 100. Don’t make the same mistakes. I made and brought you enough dollars in Nepal and will change when you arrive in the country.


Everest Base Camp Trek is a trip that takes hikers and travelers out of their comfort zone. But this is one of the many things it attracts. It is a trembling journey for mountaineers in deep success as they reach the highest peak camp.

The trip has many sights. Such as the viewpoint of Kalapatthar, famous for its panoramic views of the Mount Everest mountain range. The Holy Monastery Tengboche, and the Khumbu Glacier,. Namche Bazaar is also called “Gateway to Everest,” Sagarmatha National Park, rich rhododendron, and the Himalayas. It is a great way to observe Sherpa culture and enjoy the mountain Khumbu landscape. It’s a journey that needs to be made at least once in your life!

Nepal is a country that provides more services. It is an abundance of ancient traditions and cultures in the best forms, magnificent Himalayas and the diverse biodiversity. Everest Base Camp elevation is just one of the many options available in the country. Nepal is the perfect destination for your next vacation or family vacation! 

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