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If you love taking extreme nature adventures with extreme adverse conditions and dangerous encounters, then, a perilous stairway to heaven Austria in the GOSAUKAMM Mountains in Upper Austria is just the thrill you need in your life! Also known as the “Heavenly Staircase,” the 40-meter-long staircase extends over 960 meters and is a prominent climb at DONNERKOGEL, one of the highest and highest peaks in the GOSAUKAMM Mountains of Austria. This climb is not suitable for depressed people. So if you’re afraid of heights, you might want to stay out!

Stairway to heaven Austria
  • The unique and beautiful stairway to heaven Austria of the beautiful alpine mountains around the rigid mountains at the edge of SALZKAMMERGUT. In the middle of the unique natural and cultural landscape of Austria, Good development, But in places with broken rocks and broken routes, it is a challenge for all climbers. Here tenderness and resistance are often separated.
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  • The most beautiful places of this tour breached on “Stiegel Pass,” from which you can get close. “BISCHOFSMUTZE” with various shapes (Episcopal Hat) since 1993, the highest mountain in GOSAUKAMM has lost a large face to the south and east – the yellow cracked surface reminds us of the rock slide. These hundred years still send stones to sink into the depths.
  • While climbing on a well-marked path around GOSAUKAMM, it is possible to do in one day, why not try to use it at night in “HOFPURGLHUTTE.” A night in a cabin with delicious snacks, colorful alpine light, and a beautiful sunrise will transform this 2-day trip in an unforgettable experience in the mountains.



  •  The outdoor experts Heli PUTZ and his team created Outdoor Leadership With leadership in outdoor activities; you can book lesson walks! In honor of the mountain pioneer who died in an accident in the GOSAUKAMM Mountains on October 3, 1913, July 20, 2013, at the lower GOSAUKAMM station, he erected a monument to Paul PREUB, designed by students of the Technical School, (HTL) in Hallstatt and built by the DEUBLER Company in Bad GOISERN

Climbing in Gosau on the DACHSTEIN

  • GOSAUKAMM Mountains is at 2055 meters. Also, Grosse DONNERKOGEL is still one of the highest mountains
  • The stairway to heaven Austria is a relatively new and unusual feature that connects the large bays at DONNERKOGEL via FERRATA another name for the protected climbing routes found in the Alps. With a classic climbing route over 400 meters to the top of DONNERKOGEL, Sky Ladder will surely press your heart. But it is only one of the highlights of the DONNERKOGEL climb: along the FERRATA route, you can enjoy extensive views of the alpine world of the region. SALZKAMMERGUT The interior includes the DACHSTEIN n Mountains and the beautiful Lake Gosau below.
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Stairway to heaven Austria

  • Sky Ladder starts at a distance of 700 meters above the ground, so climbers have to rise. It’s created by Heli PUTZ, the same man as the original creator of DONNERKOGEL, via the FERRATA climbing route 15 years ago. This route has classified as ‘C’ for difficulty for climbing and hiking. KHAO by D is the most difficult road and is 1000 meters long! While the stairs seem pretty tricky, it’s a more accessible part of the climb. The place meets both the experiments and enhances the challenge of the mind. 
  • The Via FERRATA of Intersport, in DONNERKOGEL, offers clean mountain climbing to all alpine enthusiasts, including memorable alpine adventures with the exclusive view of the DACHSTEIN Glacier on Via FERRATA, you will need a fixed cable with iron, pins Excitement and stairs to the top of DONNERKOGEL.
  • The climbing path relaxes in TORLECK but as soon as you get close to the rugged rocks of Little DONNERKOGEL (1919m) and Big DONNERKOGEL (2055m), climbing becomes a challenge for experienced climbers! After climbing, there is a reward with an incredibly clear view of the alpine world of Inner SALZKAMMERGUT to the Salzburg region.

Intersport via FERRATA route

  • From the GABLONZER HUTT hut, next to GOSAUKAMM station, the road is 400 meters high to the top of Grosser DONNERKOGEL in 2 steps. The climb takes about 3 hours on the steep face from moderate to hard level. The first part is an adventure, but it’s easier – and it’s also a real pleasure for professional climbers.

DONNERKOGEL fixed route

  •  The view of DACHSTEIN glacier, and the surrounding mountains, and all the valleys of Gosau offer a sigh and excitement. On a clear day, the landscape will reach GROBLGLOCKNER Hence the highest mountain in Upper Austria, HOHE DACHSTEIN, and the highest mountain in Austria. The Grossglockner.
  • You can enjoy it at the same time. This course presented on the existing paths of Paul PREUB , the pioneer of mountaineering sports, who are now considered one of the spiritual ancestors of independent climbers and climbers it is the best.

Safety on the rock face

  • In recent years, mountain climbing has steadily improved, and every year it inspires more and more people. Its versatility means you can taste it all, whether it’s the Hard Path in the rock or indoor climbing. In the long alpine atmosphere or walking through the sunny cliffs, Safety guides play an important role in helping you get the most out of this that charm. It’s the best recommendation for “correct” climbing in the SALZKAMMERGUT region.

Hiking Enthusiasts

  • ZWIESELALM in Gosau is one of the most beautiful climbing areas in the Hall of World Heritage Hallstatt SALZKAMMERGUT DACHSTEIN. UNESCO certified. The extensive trails lead to alpine meadows and through dark forests in the mountains, where you can spend hours enjoying or enjoying a short hike, whether for a snack. In GABLONZER, quench your thirst at the ZWIESELALM Inn or soak up the sun in SONNENANLM, a clean mountain landscape for families and a magnificent Lake Gosau. In Austria!

What is via FERRATA?

The via FERRATA is the relationship between climbing and hiking said by Michele DALLA Palma

Simply put, FERRATA (Italian for “railway”) is a mountain road with steel cables, stairs, and other fixed anchor points, but I like to think it’s a bridge between climbing and climbing. In contrast to climbing problems or hovers, artificial devices buried in the mountains via FERRATA make the exposed path very feasible for inexperienced climbers. Overall, Via FERRATA is easy to follow and offers an excellent opportunity to repair unusable cliffs and rocks and ensure good safety. The best part is helping people like me – with a few climbing skills, without any technique to get the most beautiful alpine view in the world!

The good news is that you don’t have to use too many devices to deal with FERRATA first! In addition to basic climbing equipment, you will need a helmet, hair clipper, and special FERRATA gear. I recommend gloves too! I didn’t wear gloves for the first time with a FERRATA, and it didn’t take long when my hands started screaming at me.

Climbing To Ferrata

FERRATA is a rope designed to consist of a short length of two ropes, two carbines, and a brake. Without the proper braking equipment, the rope and carbine will break if you fall. There can be a very dark effect. So don’t try the FERRATA jersey rig kit with standard slots and carbines because it’s not worth it!

If you look like Quin and me and show up in the area with no technical equipment, and you can rent a FERRATA kit (helmet, harness, and FERRATA kit) from LASERER ALPIN for $ 20.00 a day, which we have.

Ensure you have all it takes to support your goals, keep trying new things, and keep going.

Perfecting the climbing

[Heavenly stairs] are a challenge for the mind. But, from a climbing point of view, it’s an easier part of climbing.” – Heli PUTZ (a friend who designed DONNERKOGEL with a FERRATA and installed the Heavenly Stairs)

Although you do not need to use a lot of equipment to make via FERRATA safely, and you need to be tall and touchable? As in traditional climbing routes, via FERRATA are of all sizes and difficulties. (More on that in seconds) Nowadays, while walking, the designed to make the world of the Alps more accessible doesn’t mean they’re easy. They can also assert the body and mind.

DONNERKOGEL, via FERRATA, is on the much-needed side. Many climbing sections rated “D” in Austria, using the FERRATA rank scale, which means that travel plans feature many open sequences and techniques with only artificial pins/shields. Besides, once started, it never comes back. You can’t go back to the beginning. And there is no other way up or down until you reach the top.

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Fortunately, the area around Gosau is a route through the Mecca via FERRATA, with various training routes, from beginners to advance. Even if you did it with FERRATA, I suggest you take a day off to complete these training routes. Quin and I both did FERRATA in Telluride, Colorado. It was an amazing experience. But I am very happy that we spent a day walking to cross Gosau. Doing it successfully via the FERRATA helped me feel that the body wants DONNERKOGEL with similar scores on the FERRATA, but more importantly. The difficult and overt part of DONNERKOGEL made me believe that I had to get up

  •  Before going up the mountain, we chose to do the Laser to test on DONNERKOGEL at the top of the “GOSAWEE.” The Laser via FERRATA has two different parts – the lower half (easier) how many meters above the water. It’s a good place to wet your feet. (Speaking for comparison) After going through the lower half of LASERER, go up the wire ladder to the upper half. (More difficult and moving) In the upper half, you will feel good about the type of challenge you will face in DONNERKOGEL while enjoying the lake’s panoramic views below.
  • You can study in Gosau or hire a guide to help you if you are not experienced in mountaineering or via FERRATA. LASERER ALPIN is a great local company that offers iron courses for beginners, guided by FERRATA tours and rides. They have Lots of useful information on mountaineering in the area. You can also rent LASERER ALPIN FERRATA equipment (helmets, harnesses, and FERRATA gear) for about $ 20 a day.

Describe FERRATA

  • From Lake Gosau, take the GOSAUKAMM cable car to ZWIESELALM and follow the wide road for about 5 minutes to GABLONZER HUTT  (you can see it when you get off the cable car). At the chalet, turn left onto Route 611 and then up the hill. For about 20 minutes until you reach the T0RRLEGG saddle top, Keep left and then go down a short distance until you see the cable, which is the beginning of the path through a via FERRATA.
  • The GOSAUKAMM cable car did not work until 8 p.m. and I chose to stay at GABLONZER HUTT the evening before climbing on top of us. Sleeping in the cabin allows us to jump on other climbers and avoid the inevitable tail formed the next day.

Final Destination

  • The Heavenly Stairs for this road are about 2/3 of the way to FERRATA. Although the ladder is classified only as “B” and is not considered difficult compared to other parts of the climb, the touch is intense, and neglecting is not accepted. In strong winds or when others are on a ladder, movement can be scary
  • Everyone said the road climbed about 400 m to cross the summit of Grosser DONNERKOGEL, which lasted about 3 hours and went through different terrains, from moderate to difficult.
  • When you reach the end of the line, exit via FERRATA and go up to the highest point – marked with a large cross. On the slightly celebrated dance cross, enjoy the wide views, sign the top notes, and follow the red light to Route 628. Follow the road back to GABLONZER HUTTE where you start your day!

Faq: Stairway To Heaven Austria

Q: What is the Donnerkogel?

A: The Donnerkogel is a mountain in Austria that is known for its challenging via ferratas and the famous “stairway to heaven” climbing route.

Q: What is a via ferrata?

A: A via ferrata, or ferrata for short, is a protected climbing route that has steel cables, ladders, and other fixed anchors to assist climbers in their ascent.

Q: What is the “ladder to heaven” or “stairway to heaven”?

A: The “ladder to heaven” or “stairway to heaven” is a section of the via ferrata on the Donnerkogel that is known for its steep, sky-high ladder made of steel cables that climbers have to climb to reach the summit.

Q: Where is the Donnerkogel located?

A: The Donnerkogel is located in the Salzkammergut resort area of Austria, near the town of Gosau and the Dachstein mountain range.

Q: What is a guided via ferrata?

A: A guided via ferrata is a climbing tour of the Donnerkogel that is led by a professional guide who provides instruction, equipment, and ensures the safety of the climbers.

Q: What is the gablonzer hutte?

A: The gablonzer hutte is a mountain hut that is located near the Donnerkogel and serves as a popular starting point for climbers and hikers.

Q: How long does it take to climb the via ferrata on the Donnerkogel?

A: The climb takes around 3 hours and has several sections with varying degrees of difficulty.

Q: Is the via ferrata on the Donnerkogel a challenging climb?

A: Yes, the via ferrata on the Donnerkogel is considered a challenging climb that tests the skills and endurance of even experienced climbers.

Q: What is the highlight of a climbing tour of the Donnerkogel?

A: The highlight of a climbing tour of the Donnerkogel is the sky ladder, a unique and thrilling section of the climb that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Q: What equipment do I need to climb the via ferrata on the Donnerkogel?

A: Climbers need to have the proper via ferrata equipment, including a harness, helmet, and via ferrata set with two lanyards.


After the tough adventure, you will agree with me that the GOSAUKAMM Mountains in Upper Austria offers an incredible hiking opportunity.

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