Are you looking for the best backpacking cooking gear? Say goodbye to charred food. Take your camp cooking to another level by using our best cooking equipment. Have a memorable camping experience by cooking delicious food using quality pans and pots. Do you want your family to have sumptuous meals away from home? Grab the best gear today! We have made it look so simple. Continue reading the article to know reliable features to look for when purchasing your camping cooking utensils.



There is nothing fantastic than making tasty meals far from home. Camping ought to get interesting, especially if you are miles away into the backcountry. Dinner is something to look forward to after a long day of trail trekking with your family.

You don’t deserve to get stressed over the type of kitchen gear to carry. We will give you the qualities to look for when buying cookware meant for camping. Check them out below.

1. Camping Stove

We understand that you’ve gone through a bunch of different stove set-ups over the years. Choose a stove with excellent simmer control and high boiling capacity. Besides, select a furnace that is fuel-efficient and lighter to carry. With such a cook-system, you won’t have to take more fuel, and your meals will get ready fast.

2. Portable camping knife set

Do you want to chop, peel and slice effortlessly? Purchase a handy knife set for your camping spree. Choose a kit with a paring knife, in-built corkscrew, serrated knife, and a peeler. Having all these items in one pack would adequately cater for your cutting experience.

3. Collapsible pots and dishes

Gone are the days when cook-sets took the entire space in the bag. Choose a cook-set that folds down flat and weighs a few ounces. It is excellent backpacking set for you and your family. Having a collapsible set saves lots of space to suit your camping needs.

4. Neoprene Mugs

Nothing feels sweet like seeping hot coffee from a good quality mug in the comfort of your sleeping bag. Choose cups made of neoprene materials. They are lighter, durable and more compact than other mugs made from different materials.

Fortunately, neoprene mugs are less expensive but worth buying them for your camping activity. Surprisingly, they can keep your coffee warm for many minutes.

5. Silicone sauce storage containers

Do you want to know the best way to transport cooking oil upcountry? Buy silicone squeeze bottles. You wouldn’t wish to suffer a disastrous sesame oil leak. Interestingly, silicone tubes have a fantastic double locking feature to ensure that they stay closed.

They come in different sizes, and you can select appropriates bottles for yourself. Moreover, you can also use these bottles to carry hair shampoo and conditioner while travelling.

6. Eating utensil

Almost all backpacking food can get consumed with a spoon. Ensure that Have cutlery made with rubberized squeegee edge. Such spoons will allow you to scrape every last bite of your sumptuous meal. Besides, having such type of spoons would also make your pot cleaning an easy affair.

7. A versatile water filtration system

Select a gravity-fed water system to drink clean water during as you trek in the woods. If you plan on going for longer hikes, you will need a lot of freshwaters to drink. Hence, choose a versatile water system to serve your needs.

8. Food storage

Have quality storage containers to put your food during camping. Prevent wild animals from accessing your diet by keeping your meals in reliable backpacking tins. Unsecured food can attract wild animals to your camp. You wouldn’t wish for your camping experience to get cut short by annoying animals in your tent.

Avoid such a menace by adequately securing your food in animal-proof canisters. Besides, make sure that your cartridges have hard-sided vaults that prevent food aroma from escaping into the air. With this, no animal can smell the aroma of food from far.

9. Kitchen towel

After washing your utensils, you will need a kitchen towel to dry your cookware. Don’t forget to purchase a cotton towel to wipe your pans and pots. Air-drying has never worked well for campers. Ensure that you get one that can absorb a lot of water.

10. Skottle kit

Are you a barbecue fan? If you love a wok in a campsite, a skittle kit can become your favorite item. It allows you to cook large meals quickly. Surprisingly, you can feed the entire camp with just one cooking. Choose a heavy-duty skittle that is hefty and light to carry. You can decide to leave it behind while hiking. However, it is easier to carry along when driving or firing up the grill.

11. Pizza oven

Don’t want to miss out on the delicious crispy pizzas? Grab a camp pizza oven made of aluminium steel to experience the sweetness of an upcountry baked pizza. Camp out on the weekend with your loved ones. Make sure you reward them with restaurant-worthy pizzas using your brand new oven.

12. Camping tea kettle

It is no secret that campsites can get extremely cold. You will need to carry a quality steel tea kettle. It is outrageously useful. Having such a pot will help you boil water for a quick meal or boil water for a quick cup of tea. Choose one that weighs a few ounces. It is appropriate for your backpacking trip. Besides, it works well on a camping stove.

13. Collapsible kitchen sink

We can all agree that the worst thing about any meal is dirty dishes. Luckily, with a collapsible sink during camping, it makes washing a super easy task. It can easily get folded down into a large deck to put in your dishes. Moreover, it is effortless to backpack at the camping ground. Hence, strive to have one to make your washing comfortable in a camp.


Summarily, have an exciting camping experience by using quality cookware. We have highlighted the most appropriate features to look for in a backpacking cooking gear. Feel comfortable to go through the article and you smile all the way.

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