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Mountain ridge assisted living located in the heart of South Ogden, Utah. The mountain ridge living gets nestled against the Wasatch front. It is on the west flank of the Rocky Mountains. The 108-condo network offers the best ground plans every with the diffusion of facilities. It ensures your comfort and nicely-being. The mountain ridge assisted living get managed by critical senior living, LLC (ISL). At ISL, the business enterprise culture lives every day. Employees get devoted to honoring commitments. They have got an experienced and talented team, groomed and mentored. They ensure that every visitor receives better treatment at the site. They are available 24/7.


Amenities and services

Assisted living


Private apartment’s accommodations.They have lots of space to supply as you wish. Non-public bathrooms with accessible showers.It is because they want to ensure that safety is our primary priority.


They have space for favored treats.


It ensures that there are no more sudden payments.

Cable TV

It is towards your enjoyment; you watch, they pay. Landscaped garden courtyard. It ensures that you get clean air every time and day of your stay.


They provide you with a fitness center to promote a wholesome life-style.

Personal eating room

It ensures that you have continued your family traditions.

Splendor salon

When in need you can stroll for your salon appointment.

Library, sport & hobby rooms

You will enjoy this as the entire community is your house.

Puppy friendly

It is because your high-quality pal might also have fur.


Weekly home tasks to ensure you have a hassle-free behavior.

24/7 staffing- with a personal pendant verbal exchange system.

It could offer you a peace of mind understanding a person is nearby.

Interesting academic programs to ensure persevered lifelong mastering.

Restaurant style eating providing balanced & consistent satisfactory meals.

Complimentary/scheduled transportation so that you can travel without difficulty.

Customized care plan based on character needs.

Medicinal drug management given; you will have the right medication on time.

Laundry service to provide a problem unfastened behavior.

Activities programs given, to ensure that more than one selections left for you.

Life journey evaluation.

Network aid organization, that gives persisted support for you.

Restaurant-style dining

Mountain ridge assisted living has the best in this.

Freshly organized food gets served three instances each day in their eating room.

While you arrive for every meal, their workforce will supply your choice of beverage.

They also observe your alternatives from each day specials or opportunity preference menu.

Unique requests get welcomed for personal nutritional needs.

Make your choices known, and they will ensure you are glad.

Visitors and family participants are always welcome to live.

You can host your non-public gatherings, whether for a birthday, anniversary, or surprise.

Why choose mountain ridge assisted living?

Freedom to pick out

While in mountain-rich assisted living. You have the freedom to choose from enriching activities.

They offer some enriching sports and outings that make behavior compelling.

You create your time table. Based on your pastimes, possibilities, workouts, and abilities.

Carefree behavior

Mountain ridge assisted living to cater for loving accommodations.

Citizens feel endeared to the convenient motels and offerings furnished.

The carefree behavior includes weekly home tasks carrier.

It is also to weekly laundry offerings of each non-public and linen laundry.

Additionally, you will find an on-web page splendor save to your convenience.

Families and friends are usually welcome, no matter the time of day or night.

They have an encouraging staffs

In mountain ridge assisted living, you will have people caring for your needs.

Their workforce gets committed to pursuing the highest satisfaction, especially of behavior for each resident.

Personnel is available 24-hours a day, and there are there to assist in case you want help with:

  • Escorting
  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Incontinent care
  • Medicine management, and
  • Dressing

Memory care

Mountain ridge encourages residents to take part in one-of-a-kind activities.

It decorates their:


Feel of accomplishment and delight;

Promotes their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Mountain ridge applies to care for seniors.

It is with Alzheimer’s or different forms of dementia.

Mountain ridge assisted living, guarantees the security of you or the one you love.

Every resident room has an emergency call device.

This guarantee is just the touch of a button away.

Resident care experts are always there to supervise the management of medications.

It is in conjunction with different primary care wishes.

The staff at the mountain ridge have a lot of concern for each resident.

They take time to learn about your loved ones:

Past life reports, favored activities, and day by day habitual.

It allows them to inspire independence. And guide your strengths and abilities.


Highly skilled and compassionate workers to give peace of thoughts day & night time.

Individual-centered care gets provided to ensure an individualized manner of life.

Cognizance on what the resident (can do) that promotes independence.

For recreational, religious, and social enjoyment.

Private-owned institution occasioned for enjoyment options.

Beautiful indoors courtyard to provide sparkling air to clean the thoughts

Properly established outside exploration and useful outings.

An option of daily life sports to cater for personal choices to enjoy each day.

Family socials and partnerships.


Restaurant-style – has balanced diet & high-quality meals.

Refreshments and snacks are available to maintain hydration & every day consuming habits.

Full-time attendant, to ensure your attention always.

Weekly house chores and laundry.

Existence journey evaluation, for behavior achievements.

Network aid institution.

Effective technique to redirecting and manner-finding, help to ease frustrations.

Specialized Generations care program

Resident-centered care is at the cornerstone of the Generations memory care application.

Caregivers, a team of workers, and the management team get trained.

It allows you to have attention to the strengths of everyone.

Also, to understand the option of a person to reside in a particular place.

With Alzheimer’s and other things. Locating excellent care can be an undertaking.

Seeing this mission, mountain ridge assisted living advanced a new application.

This system gets designed to meet the needs of residents with reminiscence loss.

The Generations program provides citizens with a fascinating behavior.

It is through compassionate care at the hands of skilled personnel.

What sets the Generations software apart?

Sports applications that beautify the lives and touch the heart of each resident.

Daily sports that help independence.

A culture that promotes own family involvement and team-work.

Engaging the whole person through one’s life history and personalized activities.

Out of doors exploration and functional outings.

Circle of relatives partnership and framework to decorate attention and know-how

Consuming nicely

The generations eating revel in nurtures the thoughts, body, and soul and is a spotlight of the day.

Residents get seated with dining companions to promote social interactions.

Food gets served restaurant-style with designed menus in which it is all about picks.

Maintaining energetic

Whether nine or ninety, significant sports promote a feeling of nicely-being.

It additionally offers leisure, preserves functioning tiers, and help independence.

The daily program gives all organization activities. It will make you understand others and what they like.

Worthy body of workers

Mountain ridge assisted living has the best staff. Taking care of those with memory loss takes a unique caregiver. The Generations software workforce gets educated to paintings with residents.

It is to make their lives higher. It is by way of enlisting in sports and care that promote vanity, laughter, amusement. Worrying for a member of the family with memory loss may be hard.

A cherished one gets taken care of by their caregivers.


Mountain ridge assisted living is best to be. They understand that social interplay, eating habits, and happiness are paramount. They include the award prevailing eating via layout application.

They have signature dishes created with fresh, dietary food selections. It is for exemplary customer service, residents and their visitors stay up. This software gets based on crucial senior living dining via the layout program. It won the Assisted Living Federation of Americas (ALFA) 2010 prestigious award. Create the program to get considered. It is one of the best culinary practices in the US. They additionally search for resident enter and alternatives. It ensures that mountain ridge assisted living meet or exceed expectancies for all.


Get better services in mountain ridge assisted living. They recognize every aspect of your existence. You will be capable of have interaction with the heat and alluring team of workers.

Their centers and services are pleasant as they get geared closer to your pride. What you have to do is to choose the rental that is proper for you. Additionally, take your preferred furniture and could help you sense the domestic ones. It is now time for you to revel in the stay that you deserve at mountain ridge assisted living. Be rest assured of your privateers.

Also, get comprehensive assisted services for twenty-four-hour an afternoon.

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