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Getting a camera nowadays has become a passion for teenagers as well as youngers. For capturing quality photos, we all need a camera that can help us doing so.

Almost hundreds of people have requested me to write about the best video camera under 300 dollars.

Actually, while purchasing a quality camera, we all look for the best and budget-friendly one. This is also the most important thing while you are buying something that you are very much passionate to get. You will definitely love it if you get the right camera inside your budget. People often think that cameras are generally very much costly. First of all, you need to understand that every product has different features and also different quality comes with price ranges as well. It is true that if you buy an expensive one then it will definitely give you some best shots but it doesn’t mean that a cheaper one won’t provide you a good click. You just need to understand what kind of pictures you want from your camera and which things should you look for when you are purchasing one.


Are the DSLRs best among all?

Nowadays it has become a trend that if you are buying a Camera then it must be a DSLR. I don’t know why people always go for DSLRs only. DSLRs are often several times more costly than a simple digital one. People are overlooking digital cameras. You will find that everyone is fond f the device nearly nobody makes full use of the device. Unless you are a professional photographer or photography is highly passionate to you then you don’t need a highly customized and advanced featured device.

DSLRs are not only the device that can capture more detailed, high dynamic ranged or high-resolution images. There are plenty of digital cameras that can capture the same quality images a DSLR does. You will see your pictures being more detailed, truly natural and highly crisped by a good quality digital camera. You will have all the essential features and customisation in these digital cameras and also there cheaper than a DSLR.

The picture you capture in a DSLR looks the same as you see in the viewfinder. It has advanced technology like pentagrams and uses mirrors to make this possible. DSLR has built-in optical image stabilization that the pictures and videos become more stable than any other camera. But a digital camera does the same thing electronically and you get nearly the same picture of a DSLR. When a DSLR is three or four times more expensive than a digital camera and you are getting nearly the same images and videos from a digital camera then why would you spend such big amount of money to purchase a DSLR than a much cheaper digital camera?

However, I can say, for capturing day-to-day moments, a digital camera can replace a highly expensive DSLR and also will do a pretty decent job.

What to look for when buying the best Video Camera under 300

This should be the ultimate question to ask when you are buying a camera in your budget.

Well, there are plenty of features found on a digital camera. Actually, we don’t get all the features in such price ranges. So, let’s look at the features that generally comes in a camera under 300 dollars.

Sensor size:

A camera that performs better if it has a bigger sensor. The sensor size decides the quality of the images taken by the camera. If the sensor size is big, then more lights and more information can enter into the lens and can make a better-quality image that is true to nature. So, what you look for the first is a bigger size sensor camera. In this price range, we can’t think of a camera that has a lens as big as a DSLR. But a smaller sensor can also take good quality images to upload in the social media and to satisfy you as well. If you are looking for professional photography are videos with more realistic objects then it might not be e up to the mark. So, the solution is, you just need to find a camera that has a bigger sensor than others in this particular price range.


In terms of zooming the digital cameras are doing good day by day. They now offer incredible digital zoom in this price range. Even we find up to 24-1200 mm zoom in select cameras. But the zoom often affects the quality of the images. Sometimes it makes them cumbersome. If you want to zoom with quality images then you must go for bigger lenses. The bigger lens, the better zoom you get. If the lens is not that big then it will definitely affect the resolution of the image. For the given price range, I will suggest you keep a balance between zoom and the resolution of the images. Because you are not getting a lens that sizes as big as a DSLR in 300. Among the cameras in this price range, go for or that one which has a bigger lens than others.


We all have a misconception that cameras with higher megapixels will give higher resolution images. This is completely wrong thinking. Because higher megapixels work only with a bigger lens. If you don’t have a bigger lens then you don’t get high-resolution images despite having higher megapixels in your camera. In a camera with a smaller lens, even if the number of megapixels is high, the resolution will be still lower than a camera with a lower megapixel count and a bigger lens. Ultimately here we find that all should focus on the size of the lens then the megapixel count. First, go for the bigger lens and then see what the megapixel count is.

Size and weight:

You will find two types in terms of size and weight. One is lighter and portable that can be carried around easily without any kind of neck strap or bag. And the other one is heavier because if you are looking for a camera with a super zoom then the size will definitely be bigger than before. It might need some sort of neck strap or a bag that will hold the camera while you are traveling or walking around. So, the choice is yours. If you want to know my suggestion, I will suggest you the bigger ones. Though it bothers you with an extra bag or a neck strap, it performs better than the lighter ones.

Water, dust resistant and weather protection:

If you love to travel a lot then your camera must be worthy to handle rough weather, a little splash of waters, and also dust resistance. You must look at this important thing. There are such cameras that are dustproof waterproof and also freeze-proof. And guess what, they also come in this price range. Even you will be able to take clicks underwater with some of those. But you need to be careful because they have some limitations also in terms of being water-resistant. You just need to handle them carefully and they will satisfy you with their performances.

So, these were the things you should look for when purchasing a digital camera. Choosing a suitable one with the necessary features you want according to your budget often gets hard. Unless you are looking for some professional photography then you can buy a digital camera that is in your budget. If you can sacrifice some of the features that a DSLR has, then look at the best digital cameras and their specifications given below.

Top 7 Best Video Camera under 300 Reviews

There are a lot of Camera In The Market. Here Some best Video camera Reviews for hiking or travel.

1.Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K Digital Camera:

This particular digital camera can be the best among all under this price range. The Lumix FZ80 4K digital camera by Panasonic is now a tough competitor for others in the market. Why? Just Have a look into the specs of this camera.

Specs and Performance:

The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is a master of zoom coming with high resolution 18 megapixels sensor that can zoom a maximum of 60 times the original frame which can capture all the small details of the object by its DC Vario lens. You will get an optical image stabilizer that will help you taking stabilized images. It also includes a 3-inch touch-controlled LCD, which is very much helpful to the users. You will have a variety of functions in one dial which can be controlled by pressing and turning around to different options.

In terms of video shooting, you are getting 4K ultra HD video capture technology. Love 4K ultra HD videos are filmed at 30 frames per second which will give you quite a good video. If you use the manual mode then you will be able to click some great photos and also some good quality videos at the low light as well.

You will have a 20 mm wide-angle composition which will help you take extraordinary landscapes. The 4K technology of this camera allows the post focus feature. So, you will be able to set your desired focus points even after your photo is taken. The high resolution 1170000 dot viewfinder and the 3-inch LCD display are clearer than other cameras even in bright sunlight.

Best Video Camera under 300

If you love to travel a lot then this particular camera gives the best solution coming with USB charging and Wi-Fi connectivity to your mobile device.

Features to be Highlighted:

  • 60x DC-Vario Zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization.
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Recording at 30 frames per second along with 4K Photo clicks
  • USB charging and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Greater Low-Light Performance.
  • High-resolution Touch-enabled LCD display.
  • The all-new Post Focus technology.
  • SLR lookalike awesome design.

With all these specs and a great quality of performance, this Panasonic Lumix fz80 can be the best option for you, if you are into photography.

2. Panasonic Lumix ZX50 Camera:

This is the consecutive second camera by Panasonic which also takes place into the competition in this price range because of having the following features.

Specs and Performance:

This is a 12.1-megapixel camera with a 30x LEICA DC lens in support with 4.0 optical zoom which has been increased to give better performance. This updated zoom quality brings every subject in closer and more clearly with the 24mm DC Vario-Elmar lens. 

You will have some stunning low light images with more detail and less digital noise because it has the new larger pixel size high sensitivity MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor.

Though it has 10 FPS high speed brushed shooting for photos, it has also a 100 FPS video recording in HD resolution and 200 FPS in the VGA mode. You will be able to record all the fast-moving objects and the video quality will be crystal clear even if you play in the slow motion.

To control the focus, zoom and exposure, you get a lens mounted control ring that will help you to concentrate while you are operating the shutter.

Best Video Camera under 300

You will be able to record in the raw format that will help you capture greater detail and your image data retains the original color and light information. This is very much useful while editing your photo. Also, you will be able to take some great macro shots by its macro shooting technology. The time-lapse recording is a bonus for you. If you love the movement of nature then this camera will help you taking some great time-lapse shots of the rising of the sun, blooming of a flower, and also the milky way.

Features to be Highlighted:

  • Stunning 100 fps in HD resolution and 200 fps in VGA mode video recording.
  • Great Low Light performance.
  • Recording in RAW format.
  • The 5-axis hybrid Optical Image Stabilization.
  • The advanced Time-Lapse Recording.
  • The Macro Shooting Technology
  • Lens-Mounted Control Ring
  • Slim and handy Design.

With these great and useful features this camera is really a beast under this price range. It can be a definite choice for or them who you are trying to get a camera that can solve multi purposes.

3. GoPro Hero5 Black

Well, this GoPro Hero5 Black is the next competitor. Because of having some great features to compete with others it is also a good one to purchase. Let’s have a look into its features.

Specs and Performance:

This particular camera also comes under this price range with having some great features. it is specially designed to take some stunning 4K videos that will definitely e make you feel the true and live colours. The biggest feature of this camera is to be waterproof.

This is a 12-megapixel camera which can take some great snaps with better details and better and true colours.

This camera is able to trim, playback, preview and change the settings of the videos that you have taken already. With the stereo speakers, you will love hearing the crystal-clear audio provided by the camera. Because it is waterproof, you can shoot your favourite snaps underwater till 10 minutes. There is a convenient touch display and pro-quality photo capture combine with voice control that helps you to operate the camera without touching it. And you are having all this feature with its one-bottom simplicity. That means there is a single button that controls all these settings.

Best Video Camera under 300

This particular camera has some great features like the GoPro cloud account access that you can use to upload your photos and videos there easily.

You will get up to 4K 30fps, 1440p 80 and a 1080p 120 FPS time lapse video recording.

There is a micro SD slot available at the bottom of the camera and a long-life quick charging battery. So, you don’t have to worry about the power and the storage as well.

Features to be Highlighted:

  • Durable by design and Waterproof to 33ft.
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Recording at 30 frames per second.
  • Simple 1-button control Wi-Fi + Bluetooth advanced wind noise reduction and voice control.
  • Access to GoPro plus loud account to upload contents easily.
  • USB c cable additional charging system.
  • Convenient Touch Display and crystal-clear audio.
  • Micro SD card supporting system.

This is the most impressive camera that GoPro has produced ever. With those advanced features and technologies, it can also beat others in this competition.

4. Canon EOS Rebel GII 35mm film SLR Camera

Here comes the Canon. This is a very good and powerful camera which is the fourth competitor in this competition. Let’s have a look, why it is the best buy.

Specs and Performance:

The first thing everybody notices about this camera is its eye-catching design and a great metallic silver finish. This camera is full of features with both automatic and manual controls and that can also be operated easily. The Rebel GII has shutter speeds of 30 to 1/2000 seconds that are great for taking some stunning photographs. It comes with a 35-80 mm kit lens. It has built-in flash with red-eye reduction capability. This compact and lightweight ergonomic designed camera have plenty of modes.

It offers you 11 exposure modes plus multiple exposures, exposure compensation, and auto exposure bracketing. It has a maximum viewing angle of 63°, a minimum focus friends of 15.7 inches, and a lens aperture of f/4.0- 5.6. you will get a 3x optical zoom and TTL phase detection focus type.

Best Video Camera under 300

You will get in new night sight seen mode that combines the perfect balance between natural light and flash while you are taking photos at sunset. It has a high speed selectable 3 point autofocus system and it also has settings for multiple exposures and other effects that are useful for daily photography. You are getting more accurate framing than other cameras that makes it unique and greater as well. There is a 2 second flash recycling time that allows the flash charge completion of the picture. You will have other flash modes that will help you time the flash also to get brighter shots.

Features to be Highlighted:

  • A massive shutter speeds of 30 to 1/2000 seconds
  • 11 different exposure modes with full auto to metered manual with indicator.
  • Upgraded flash with red-eye reduction capability.
  • Eye-catching Silver metallic finish and the Compact design.
  • High speed selectable 3 point autofocus system.
  • Partial metering and AE lock.
  • Affordable 35mm Film SLR kit with 35-80mm zoom lens.

This Rebel GII can be e a great choice for the photography students who just begun to learn because of its easy setups. With plenty of modes and unique combination of intelligent features, this camera from Canon can definitely be the one you are looking for.

5.Nikon Coolpix B500 Digital Camera (Black)

The best camera by Nikon in this price range to complete with others. Let’s see why people are fond of this camera.

Specs and Performance:

The Nikon Coolpix b500 is a 16-megapixel camera with BSI CMOS sensor. It has a 40x optical zoom lens with a massive 80x dynamic zoom. The 40x optical zoom gives you some super telephoto power along with the massive 80x zoom that effectively doubles the reach. So overall zooming of this camera and the image quality are stunning. You will be able to capture every detail with the CMOS sensor of this camera.

The flip up LCD helps you while recording videos. In terms of videography, you are getting full HD resolution videos with plenty of modes and the manual setting will help you to control the ISO, exposure, white balance etc.

The B500 helps you transferring your photos and video contents automatically to your smartphone or tablet by its built-in NFC and Bluetooth system.

It will give you a great hand feeling whether you are taking photos of recording a 1080 p full HD video using its flip-up LCD. Will be able to create different viewing angles while you are using the 921000-dot display.

Best Video Camera under 300

The stereo sound system of this camera is a bonus.

With its 18 scene modes and an easy auto mode, the beginners will find no difficulty while operating this device. It also has an in-built remote-control system via your smartphone or tablet that helps you controlling the device easily.

The battery life of the camera is also very good because it has lithium batteries that can click up to 1200 shots on a single charge which is pretty high then other cameras. It includes a 32GB SDHC class 10 memory and some other accessories with the box as well.

Features to be highlighted:

  • The 40x optical zoom and an 80x massive digital dynamic zoom.
  • 921000-dot 3.0-inch Tilting LCD display with 6400 ISO sensitivity.
  • Stereo sound system with full HD 1080p video recording mode.
  • In-Built 18 different scene modes with an easy auto mode.
  • Remote control system via smartphone or tablet.
  • Built in Bluetooth (BLE) and NFC.
  • Better Telephoto lens for portraits.

As we know, Nikon always provides some best cameras in the market, this Coolpix B500 is also a beast with its greater performance and some useful features that a professional photographer would love to have in this price range.

6. Canon PowerShot SX730

Another budget friendly digital camera from Canon. Why it is in the top 7 in this price range? Let’s discuss below.

Specs and Performance:

this digital camera from Canon comes with a Disi6 image processor with a big 20.3-megapixel CMOS sensor. It has a zoom lens of 40x like the other SX models from the brand. The Disi6 processor features full HD video recording and better detail photograph s. The 40x zoom helps you getting closer to the subject and take shots of epic moments with its zoom framing to assist when using longer focal lengths. Advanced stabilization technology takes outstanding quality images and stabilized videos. The zoom framing assistance helps you to follow your subject automatically with zoom and focus.

in terms of video recording, you are getting 1080 p full HD video at a higher frame rate of 60p. Its dynamic IS offers you 5-axis image stabilization that will correct the shake of your camera when you are running or walking behind. The self-portrait mode will help you to snap selfies. When you tilt the screen towards your face it is automatically activated. You can also adjust the brightness, skin tone, background blur, and exposure as well.

The 3.0-inch tilt-type 920000-dot LCD display helps you to have different viewing angles with its maximum of 180-degree tilting ability.

Best Video Camera under 300

It has a built-in wireless capability as well. With the Wi-Fi to technology and the Canon camera connect app, you can easily transfer your photos or videos to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It is also an NFC3 technology And a Bluetooth 1 connectivity. That means you can connect it directly to compatible devices.

The PowerShot SX730 comes with a lightweight and a pocket-size so that it can fit easily e into your pocket. Also, the rubberized texture on the right side of the camera gives you a better grip. The overall look of the camera is really awesome.

Features to be Highlighted:

  • Disi6 CMOS 20.3 Megapixel big sensor.
  • Powerful, better and stabilized 40x optical zoom.
  • Built-in wireless technology with NFC 3 and Bluetooth 1 connectivity along with Canon camera connect app version 2.
  • 3.0-inch 180 degree tilting high resolution display.
  • The all new Self Portrait Mode with better background blur.
  • Better Gripping ability and handy size.

Looking into these advanced features and a great design, I suggest this camera for the photographers who love to travel a lot and also want to take some good quality images and record some better stabilized videos.

7. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60

Due to having some brilliant features, this digital camera from Panasonic is a hard competitor for others in this price range. Look at the specs below.

Specs and Performance:

This camera is impressively slim that is very much handy for the photographers who love to travel. Its features an 18.1-megapixel sensor that can capture 4K ultra HD video at 30 frames per second in the ultra-fast burst mode. The 30x optical zoom allows you to get closer to the subject.

This camera also has a 3.0-inch LCD touchscreen. You can control the menu and basic framing by your fingers easily with the touch screen LCD.

There is an autofocus feature that has a special option to lock the subject while it is moving. It gives you a clear and detailed photograph. You are getting a dial on the top of the camera that you can use to control all the modes. This dual control wheel for modifying the settings makes it easier.

There are plenty of modes like RAW shooting and JPEG, that offer you have some great quality images.

Best Video Camera under 300

It can perform exceptionally well in the low light. The optical image stabilization of this camera along with the 5-axis hybrid system allows you to capture better stabilize videos and more detailed photographs.

Though its design looks not that good, it performs quite better. You will love having this slim camera while you are travelling.

Features to be Highlighted:

  • 4K ultra HD video recording at 30 frames per second.
  • 3.0-inch touchscreen LCD panel
  • 5-axis hybrid system with optical image stabilization.
  • Lock the Target Autofocus mode.

A little compromise in design can give you a better performance. For the beginners and photographers who love to travel a lot can purchase this camera.

Where can use best video camera under 300

This Video camera used for various Place like If you are interested in hiking then you can use for It. It’s can use capture a Picture. Mountain Picture Group photo and many places.


We always try to find the best with the budget. best video camera under 300 Dollars definitely not a little money to spend when buying a digital camera. In this particular price range, I will suggest you go for or the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K Digital Camera. Just look at the features and advanced technologies of this camera. You will get a stunning 60x zoom with optical image stabilizer, 4K ultra HD video recording at a higher frame rate. The low light performance of this camera is best among all in this list. The Post Focus feature is a bonus of this camera. Better details, better-stabilized videos, more color, true to natural images, some breath-taking landscapes, touch-sensitive LCD display, better viewfinder, travel-ready USB charging, and Wi-Fi connectivity to a mobile device. You are getting all the advanced features in a single device. And overall, what is design! It just has an amazing SLR lookalike design. The overall performance of this camera is better than the other six on the list. If you tell me to suggest among those seven cameras under this budget, I will say, this impressive Panasonic Lumix FZ80 should be the best choice.

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