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Hemlock Falls NJ, New Jersey is a good place to hike. It has nice pockets of green space and Mountain Reservation in the South. Taking a hike in Hemlock Falls is easy and enjoyable.
It is a 5.8-mile loop, 800 feet gain above the sea level. It takes you 2-4 hours via Lenape Trail Loop in South Mountain Reservation, New Jersey. The trail has a parking lot at Tulip Spring. So don’t get worried.



After you`ve arrived at the parking in Tulip spring, take the yellow-blazed Trail to the falls.
Continue with the red dots. This takes you around and ultimately back you the trail.
Come back through the Lenape.

Trail Description:

To find the place

From the kiosk at the northeast nook of the parking location, comply with the yellow-blazed Lenape Trail, which bears proper onto a gravel avenue leading to a picnic area. now the path of Hemlock falls NJ continues via the picnic region, then turns left and starts off-evolved to climb the First Watchung Mountain on an extensive course. It turns right at a fork, then turns right at a T-intersection (marked by a chain-link fence) onto a woods street, persevering with to climb.

At the pinnacle of the ascent, follow the yellow blazes as they flip left, leaving the broad path, and retain on the footpath. The trail crosses the paved Crest Drive (closed to vehicular visitors), reenters the woods and starts off-evolved to parallel the paved road. It reaches a restrained standpoint (marked via two benches), from which the New York City skyline can be seen to the left on a clear day (if you never see any leaves on the trees), with the towers of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge visible in the distance to the proper.

Hemlock Falls NJ

Maintain the right path towards your destination

The path of Hemlock Falls NJ now descends to cross the paved street. Hence, attaining a plaque on a boulder commemorating a Revolutionary War conflict that falls close to right here. It continues to descend to a remark platform with stone pillars on the site of Washington Rock, from which George Washington surveyed the nation-state in the course of the American Revolution.

The view from here is to the southwest, with Millburn and the NJ Transit railroad tracks visible below (in part obscured with the aid of the timber), and Watchung Reservation – the continuation of the Watchung variety beyond the Millburn-Springfield gap – ahead in the distance. It is the best area to take ruin.

When ready to maintain, turn left and hold on the Lenape Trail, which descends on a footpath. Several unmarked facet trails burst off to the left, but continue beforehand at the yellow-blazed Lenape Trail. Soon, you will be aware of fenced neglect at the left, about a hundred fit from the path. Below, you could see an abandoned quarry, with Millburn and the Watchung variety visible within the distance.

Climbing starts from this point

A short distance past, the Lenape Trail crosses a bridle direction and enters a much less-used area of the reservation. After a short descent, it crosses a small stream, with the Maple Falls Cascade – where the movement plunges a 25-foot sluiceway of exposed basalt – to the left, downstream.

The path now follows an exceedingly level footpath. After crossing another bridle path, it turns sharply proper at Lilliput Knob and reaches Beech Brook Cascades – wherein brooks converge – about miles from the beginning. Beyond the cascade, the trail starts a slow climb, paralleling a stream in a shallow ravine to the right.

After bearing left and crossing a bridle path, the path climbs to reach Mines Point – named for exploratory pits dug through copper prospectors circa 1800. Here, the trail bears proper and heads north, mountaineering lightly via an exceedingly open region and passing a deer enclosure at the left (detailed a forest healing web site). The trail then descends to attain Ball`s Bluff, where old stone pillars are remnants of a picnic shelter constructed in 1908.

Find a place to take rest

The Lenape Trail keeps descending, crossing a bridle direction on the manner. Towards the bottom of the descent, it begins to parallel flow in a ravine on the right. After crossing the movement on rocks, the trail crosses an avenue advanced with immense stone steps, then bears right and passes via an area with many rhododendron timbers. The Lenape Trail turns left at a T-intersection, crosses the crimson-on-white-blazed Hemlock Falls Loop, and descends on a switchback. After going to the left, it reaches the base of Hemlock Falls, a scenic waterfall. Benches get located right here, and this is a great spot to rest and enjoy the stunning putting.

Follow the correct direction

Get prepared to preserve, pass a footbridge over the movement. (To the right is stone steps that lead to the pinnacle of the waterfall.) The Lenape Trail heads west, following an extensive direction along with the movement and passing Hobble Falls on the proper. Soon, it reaches a junction with an additional bridle route, marked via a signpost for the Rahway Trail. The Lenape Trail turns right at this junction, yet, you must keep in advance, now following the white blazes of the Rahway Trail. This path could be your path for the rest of the hike.

As the path curves to the left, a notification of the start of a black-on-white-blazed route will come. Just ahead, the Rahway Trail crosses the Rahway River on rocks and immediately turns left to parallel the circulate. Note: Unless the water stage is low, this movement crossing is hard or impossible. If unable to go the flow, retrace your steps to the black-on-white trail, flip left, and comply with this path over the South Orange Avenue vehicular bridge and back to the Rahway Trail.

Hill track starts

Hill track starts

Soon, the Rahway Trail climbs regularly to run along the aspect of the hill, with the river beneath. A particularly beautiful segment of the hike. After passing ruins of a stone building at the proper, the path descends to river level, crosses a tributary move on rocks, and climbs over an upward thrust, where a green/white route joins.

Few meters from there, an intersection with a bridle path becomes visible. Turn left, following the white blazes, records the river on a stone-confronted bridge, and immediately turn right onto a footpath.

Follow the foot marks

The white-blazed path now heads south, strolling among the bridle route (to the left) and the river (to the right). For maximum way, the hike parallels the river. Much of this trail segment is not clear. But, you need to be able to follow the footpath that runs between the bridle path and the river.

After passing a low concrete dam in the river, the trail crosses Beech Brook (a tributary movement). If this circulation crossing is hard, you could detour at the bridge of the parallel bridle direction. Soon, the road on the opposite aspect of the river (Brookside Drive) begins to run directly alongside the river. Pass any other low concrete dam inside the river (the start of a blue/white-blazed path).

You’re about to end

Just past, the white blazes be a part of the bridle route for two hundred feet, then flip right and input a rhododendron grove. Bypass to the left of Campbell’s Pond, where a big deserted brick building – which once served as a pumping station for the City of Orange – can be visible along the river. The Rahway Trail now crosses Maple Brook on a stone-faced bridge, then crosses branches of the bridle path. A quick distance beyond, the trail turns left onto the bridle route, follows it for 200 feet, and then turns proper, onto a footpath.

About 0.2 miles past the dam at the southern end of Diamond Mill Pond, the Rahway Trail turns left, away from the river. It now passes via an area wherein tiny homes constructed of natural substances, are tucked into tree hollows and roots. This segment of the Rahway Trail can also refer to as the Fairy Trail. Continue to observe the Rahway/Fairy Trail to its terminus on the Locust Grove parking place, wherein the hike commenced.

Hike Directions

This course of Hemlock falls NJ starts with the Locust Grove parking area. There are many unmarked planks of wood roads, but the hiking trails are in the main properly blazed.

0.0 – Start in some distance nook of the lot, by the wood path kiosk.

Begin following Lenape (YELLOW) into a picnic region. The next blaze is a bit difficult to identify. It is throughout the picnic location, within the returned left nook.

Follow Lenape (YELLOW) uphill on a woods road, with homes on the proper. A big-rounded shape at the back of a fence is at the left.

0.5 – Turn LEFT onto a paved street. Blazes indicating a turn may be tough to spot.

Shortly, the paved road splits. Turn LEFT (the other side joins up beside). And head over to the stone wall for perspectives over the encircling area.

There is a trail kiosk, an evergreen tree that may get embellished with Christmas ornaments, and a monument to General Washington.

Take the gravel path past the monument to the fenced lookout location.

0.7 – With your return to the view, flip LEFT and hold following Lenape (YELLOW).

1.3 – Maple Falls Cascades – an easy circulation crossing where there are numerous water cascades.

1.9 – Beech Brook Cascades – more water cascades.

Pass Ball’s Bluff – remains of a picnic pavilion from 1908.

3.2 – Hemlock Falls comes into view. Turn RIGHT, continuing on Lenape (YELLOW) to the bottom of the falls. [RED DOT on WHITE veers off]

3.3 – Arrive at the bottom of Hemlock Falls. There are some benches, making for a pleasing break spot.

When ready to retain, pass over the bridge and bear LEFT, persevering with to comply with Lenape (YELLOW). [RED DOT on WHITE is straight ahead up some stairs to go to the top of the falls.]
3.4 – Come to a trail junction with a path sign for the Rahway Trail. Start following Rahway (WHITE) immediately. [Lenape (YELLOW) goes right.]

Following Direction

3.5 – A rock-jump over the Rahway River. If the water level is excessive, this will be a piece elaborate.

Option – If the water level is excessive or the crossing too hard, back down to the path sign and use the River Trail woods road in preference to the Rahway Trail.

We select Rahway, yet, the River Trail is a level woods street and meets up with this description at 4.1 miles under it. There, choose up Rahway (WHITE) once more, to the left of the bridge, however, before crossing it.

4.0 – The Rahway (WHITE) turns LEFT onto a gravel street. [They usually mark the hike with WHITE over RED blazes].

4.1 – Cross over the river on a bridge, and flip RIGHT just after the bridge, persevering with to comply with Rahway (WHITE).

Note: The woods street that veers to the left (unmarked woods road that gets shown as River Trail on the map) closely follows Rahway (WHITE) at this point on, so in case you leave out this marker the woods road will meet back to the path once more.

In reality, Rahway (WHITE) co-joins with the River Trail some instances over bridges. The River Trail is likewise a less complicated option to take again because it is a higher degree than Rahway (WHITE).

The hike will be part of and move the woods street usually, just hold following the WHITE markers again to the parking lot.

Pass a dam on the Rahway Trail.

Shorter Distance

In the Hemlock falls NJ, There a couple of parking regions, trails, and woods roads to create shorter routes. The woods roads additionally tend to be quiet and higher levels.

Longer Distance

Use the Lenape and Oakdale Trails to feature in the different 1/2 of the park or expand the route with the Turtle Back trail.

Next to Watchung Reservation

Historic Fun Fact
Washington Rock is where a sign beacon warned the Army at Morristown of the British Army approach.

Fairy Fun Fact

Here are whimsical, fairy house fun alongside parts of the Rahway path. Produce from herbal materials to in shape in with the landscape.


You will get a top-level view map on the path kiosk that is extra designated than the plan on-line. No paper maps on the park the time we went, print the chart beforehand.

If you wish or you feel like you have enough money, you can purchase a well-detailed map at the kiosk. You will get at a fair price. It will enable you to transverse the hiking area without any problem.


None at the trailhead or along this course. Rest region northbound Parkway at exit 142.

Gas stations on Vauxhall either did not have them or had a historic out-of-order signal. Porta-johns at the Oakdale and Turtle Back Picnic Area parking masses at the alternative stop of the park.

Wildlife Area

This area encompasses about 3-six hundred acres. The location is superb for chook watching, specifically shorebirds. Saltwater fishing and waterfowl hunting are permitted right here. There is a public get right of entry to boat ramp located on Faunce Landing Road in Absecon.

Camping Area

This tenting vicinity gets used for group tenting most effectively. The tenting sites may additionally get used during the tenting season. There are organization websites, which keep up to 20 human beings and are $25.00 a night time.

Lake Lenape is located in Mays Landing and has 18 websites to be had. The expenses of users in Lake Lenape web sites are $17.00 a night for up to 6 people (Family/Individual sites). Reservations will now not be familiar over the phone for own family or man or woman web sites.
In Estelle Manor, there is 1 group web site with a pavilion. The usage fee for the organization web page is $25.00 a night time for up to 20 humans.

Cologne Ave Tract

This large tract becomes acquired to maintain the precious position its streams play as a buffer defensive run off into the Great Egg Harbor River Watershed. Several predominant tributaries along with Babcock Creek, Man-killer Branch, and Adams Branch run through.

Flora and Fauna

The place has over three hundred and twenty-five species of birds. Some of this includes:

  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Hawks
  • Ruffed goose
  • Quails
  • Wild turkeys
  • Partridges
  • pheasants

But ducks and geese are the most abundant.

Be keen because you will see rare birds at the Cape May Bird Observatory.

Why Visit Hemlock Falls NJ?

While many people consider Lyons Falls and Little Lyons Falls are the simplest biggest waterfalls positioned in the Mohican State Park Region. The 3rd largest waterfall! Situated close to Mohican State Park, Hemlock Falls is without difficulty as extraordinary as each of the Lyon’s fall.

The land Hemlock Falls is on is owned via the Mohican School for the Out of Doors. They allow human beings to head lower back and check out the waterfall, but they ask which you name them first before you head out. A lot of enjoyments and funs always experienced here
You can get your children, loved ones, or even your dog and visit this place.
The best time to visit here is during October and even December. Because, during the rainy season, someplace becomes muddy. Hence hard to hike.

Access to Hemlock Falls NJ

This is managed via the Mohican Outdoor School as it is miles vital to pass the faculty assets to get to the Falls. Access to the falls throughout the 12 months is restricted. The reason is colleges in session and utilizing the falls for a medical practice. Please call the faculty at 419-938-6671 Mon-Fri. To see if the college is in session before trekking to Hemlock Falls at some point of the week.
It is not necessary to name the faculty if you walk to Hemlock Falls at the weekend. However, no parking inside the Field Trip Center.


Create a good time today and visit one of these places during your free time. The Hemlock falls NJ has the best trails that can relieve a lot of stress from you.
The waterfalls are beautiful, the serene is good. Also, flora and fauna bring happiness to you.

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