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Make Ahead Camping Meals Idea for campers. Fall is here, beautiful rust orange fall, the trees aglow with red, green, and gold, the air starting to get a wee bit chilly. No reason why you should be cooped up indoors for soon the snow and the cold biting winds will drive you indoors anyway.

Enjoy the outdoors while you can, it is time for Halloween, it is time for camping out with friends and family. It is time to sleep under the stars, to sit beside that crackling fire and sip hot cocoa with a bite to eat.

I do not believe in slaving at the stove while out camping, you miss out on all the beauty and the fun around. So, if you are planning a camping trip with your family, here are a few tips about the food that you should carry along.

A little preparation is required before you leave for your trip, this will go a long way in making your trip memorable. You plan and do the meal prep ahead of time, as a result, you enjoy the meal with the family, relaxed and chilled out, without having had to slog at the stove.

I am talking of easy make ahead camping meals for the family, the food you can take camping. Because you need to have a great time camping, too, without any stress.

Hungry? No big deal, just grab the food prepared ahead of the trip, heat, or grill, add your favorite toppings, and enjoy digging in, while watching the trees shedding their leaves around you.

The convenience of a make-ahead camping meals is unbeatable. This will surely be a camping trip to remember!


Make-Ahead Breakfast for camping

A bright beautiful morning, where all you wish to do is sit by the river and watch the ripples and hear the happy gurgling, but a growling stomach (not just yours, mind you!) makes peace and quiet, just a faraway thought.

Worst would be if you need to cook the breakfast from scratch and make a wholesome mess there, getting sweaty in the process.  If only you could have a peaceful morning with breakfast which does not need much cooking.

With my make-ahead breakfast for camping, life has just got a bit easier. Morning, natural beauty, peace, and a hearty breakfast for the family. The world is beautiful! From my choices of DIY prep ahead breakfast recipes, here are some which not just you but the whole family can pitch in to help and prepare.

 Breakfast Burritos.

The best thing about burritos is that it is the favorite of the whole family. The children and the adults, all love burritos. For breakfast, they are wholesome and filling. They can be prepared completely, much in advance, and frozen so they can be used as camping breakfast.

Healthy fillings like eggs, sausages, potatoes with cheese, all wrapped in a tortilla, is a great way to start your day in the wild. Wrapped in foil, these burritos can be grilled for a few minutes over the campfire, and once hot they are ready to be devoured.

Even those with huge appetites will find themselves being satisfied and full, ready for a day of hiking and walking.

 Cornmeal Buttermilk Muffins

For the next morning at camp, these pre baked cornmeal muffins are a treat. All you need to do is unwrap them, spread your favorite jam, and bite into a hearty and filling breakfast. Do not forget to wash it down with your mug of hot morning coffee or hot chocolate for the children. This is not a half-prepped breakfast; this is a ready breakfast for camping. Your family would love it this make ahead camping meals.

 Cornmeal Pancakes

This is another extremely easy and convenient thing to make ahead of your camping trip. These cornmeal pancakes can be made and frozen in advance. They are rich in texture and delicious to taste. All you need to do is, warm them on your grill and pour syrup over them and eat them right away. A very filling breakfast for a camping morning.

Sausage Sandwiches

A yummy addition to your breakfast menu made ahead of time and ready to eat for camping breakfast. These sausage sandwiches can be made in advance and frozen. As the name suggests, these are sausages in toasted English muffin, with a slice of cheese inside. Make them beforehand, freeze them, and again all you need to do is grill them and enjoy on a crisp autumn morning at the campsite.

To make them healthier you can add fluffy eggs to this muffin sandwich. Best breakfast out in the wild.

 After a morning of outdoor activities, your family is famished again. Mornings are spent either hiking, biking or if you are near a lake or a river, then canoeing or sailing. Fresh air makes everyone so hungry, that is a fact.

Some great easy make ahead camping meals for the family, some tasty lunchtime treats, which are prepared in advance and just need to be heated and eaten.

Cast Iron Pizza.

Pizza will always be there for you in times of need, it is surely your best friend. What better lunchtime camp food than a cheesy pizza prepped and ready beforehand. Just bring it out, heat it on your skillet, and have a pizza lunch party, by the river.

Kids would enjoy heating it on the grill themselves and them polishing it off.

Campfire Mac and Cheese.

The most loved dish of all time, the easiest to make beforehand and fun to eat. Mac and cheese can be made and frozen in a tin foil box. All you need to do is heat it and eat it up!

 You can also decide on having a make-ahead pasta for camping and packing it up in tin foils and freezing along with the Mac and Cheese. Easy and scrumptious!


How is it possible to go camping and not have hotdogs? This dish is a holy grail of campsites. Grilling hotdogs over the campfire and wolfing them down, is a must-do.

You can prep it up by wrapping the hotdogs in bacon, much before and freezing them. This twist to the hotdog will make everyone drool and never again will you have plain hotdogs.

Grill them over charcoal, for hotdogs on a stick. Serve with crisps and ketchup. A winner of all make ahead camping meals.

 It will also keep those tummies full right till dinner time, (or maybe a snack at teatime).

On cold and windy evenings, a small appetizer will go a long way in making you feel warm and fuzzy. You can get creative with campfire appetizers.

Lemon garlic grilled shrimp

Hand them a skewer of sizzling lemon garlic shrimp, dripping with butter and there will be silence, as each devours this garlicky treat. They will sustain you till dinner for sure.

Energy Bites.

A must-have snack if you are out camping with kids. Outdoor activities require the kids to seat and tire themselves, without realizing it. A quick snack while out hiking or boating will give them fresh energy.

These energy bites can be made at home, needs no cooking or grilling, they can be rolled into small balls to be popped in your mouth whenever you feel like snacking. These energy balls are made of nuts, seeds, and jaggery, healthy and delicious.

 Dinner time is the best time as the family gets together to light the fire and huddle around. The food needs to be prepped up at home, a wide variety to choose from.

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

In our make-ahead camping dinner meals, a great Philly Steak Sandwich wins hands down. Prepare and freeze the steak filly. All you need is to grill and load cheese on top and pass it around. This make ahead camping meal is fun as kids can be encouraged to make their own sandwiches according to their own choices.

Campfire Potatoes

While out camping in the woods, potato is a staple food. Marinated, much in advance, with herbs and garlic and olive oil, wrapped in foil, these potatoes are food from heaven, especially on campsites. Ready to be tossed on the grill and baked to perfection.


Burgers are a sure hit with youngsters and elders alike, a campfire meal which will be relished by all.  These burgers require a little more time preparing, than your other camping dishes. But when you bite into it, sitting around the campfire with your family, the looks on everyone’s faces will say it all.

Prepare the burger chicken patties at home and freeze them. Grill and make your burger as you like it, with this make ahead camping meal.

When it comes to make-ahead camping meals, you need to keep a few things in mind. Make sure whatever you are planning is affordable and not too grand for your budget. Remember, it is your holiday just like the others so make meals simple. Deciding on things which do not require much prepping, not too long hours in the kitchen before the holiday, is what I mean.

Another most important factor is these meals should be easy to clean up. Tin Foil campfire meals are brilliant, as disposing off the garbage is also easy. Stuff all you want to throw in the foil, crush it up and dispose it off in your camping garbage bag. Collect your litter after you of course.

Make-ahead camping meals may seem like a lot of work and slogging before the camping but it is definitely worth it and comes across as a lifesaver.


Thanks for reading Make ahead camping meals. Wish you very helped for camping.

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