Advantages of Using a Collapsible Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

If you are thinking about taking up backpacking, perhaps the first thing that would cross your mind is how to select and use lightweight and compact camping stoves. Most backpacking stoves are heavy and bulky and can be cumbersome and even dangerous if they get stuck in the underbrush. You don’t want to risk losing your fire or having your backpack slip from your shoulder. Fortunately, there is an excellent solution that you may not have thought of – folding wood burning backpacking stoves.


What is Collapsible Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

The collapsible wood burning stove for camping is a compact device that can be folded and stored easily. Once you have it folded, it can be stored in a compact size backpack. It weighs much less than most other stoves and is made of lightweight material, making it easy to carry. The folded device comes with a protective cover that prevents it from getting smothered by the wet leaves and debris of the wilderness. Since the lid of the stove box is open, you can have an open flame anywhere.

How It’s Works?

You can also cook delicious meals when you are on a camping trip. In fact, using the collapsible wood-burning backpacking stove for camping will allow you to perform your favorite outdoor activities without worrying about getting food or firewood ready. For example, you can make campfire pancakes and then heat them just before you set them on the fire. Your hiking friends will think you are backpacking with a camping stove but will be impressed by the delicious meal you have prepared for them.

Advantage Of Collapsible Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

Another advantage of the stove is its portability. If you pack it light, you are also able to pack it light. That is why many people prefer collapsible models. They are also easy to transport to the best location for camping, whether it is under your vehicle’s seat or in the trunk of your car. When you are finished with your activity, you can simply fold the device for storage and take it along for camping.


One of the best features of the stove that has made it very popular is the variable speed combustion. This is possible because the heating chamber is placed at the top of the cylinder medium. The temperature inside the cylinder medium is constantly changing. As the temperature of the air inside rises, the temperature of the steam inside also rises. Since the surface area of the cylinder medium is very small, the rate of combustion is very high. With the Sierra brand of collapsible camping stove for hiking, you can expect up to three hours of continuous cooking time.

Another advantage of using this particular type of stove for hiking is the weight. Unlike most other stoves, the collapsible ones are not too bulky. In fact, some of the stoves with comparable heat output can be bulky even when placed on a single camping stove. However, with this specific model, the weight is much lighter. Most backpackers would find carrying a lightweight stove very convenient.

A third advantage of using this wood-burning backpacking stove is its portability. Since it has a base size of 15 inches, most backpackers who plan to use this stove will not have a problem fitting it on their campers. In addition, because the base is not too large, it does not compromise the overall comfort and convenience of the hikers. Therefore, it is easy to maintain the stove if the backpacker plans to use it for extended periods of time.

Final Taught

In summary, the collapsible wood burning stove with the burner plate is very portable and lightweight. It allows the user to maintain his heat more effectively and can cook food faster. It also allows the cook to control the amount of heat generated from the heating element and thus maintains a safe and comfortable cooking environment while hiking. Moreover, it has quick heat-up capabilities which allow the cook to get a hot breakfast or dinner as soon as they arrive at the campsite.

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