Reviews & Buying Guide for the Best Camera Strap for Hiking

Do you love hiking or photography? Then the best camera strap for hiking is a must-have for comfort and safety reasons. Imagine hiking/walking all day with your camera annoyingly swinging. Your guess is as mine.

Now, imagine when you get tired of the swinging, and then you decide to hold your expensive camera. What would happen if it slips out of your hands and then falls on a hard surface? You can avoid such incidences using the best camera strap.

To help you find the best camera strap for heavy lenses, this guide has reviews of various camera straps and a buying guide to help you choose the best.


Why You Need to Buy a Camera Strap

Buying a camera is an investment because they are expensive. Furthermore, they store all your hiking memories, which means it is devastating to lose/break your camera. With a safe camera strap, your camera can’t fall or break even when you are in a hurry.

In addition, some neoprene camera straps are anti-theft. They discourage thieves from trying to cut them due to their thick materials.

Finally, you need to buy a camera strap to carry your camera with ease. Some cameras are heavy to carry in long-distance hikes.

Top 5 Best Camera Strap for Hiking

Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Style Harness for One Camera – Grey

This product has cotton straps with patented twist and lock connectors. Its design allows you to carry one camera for easier access while hiking. To offer the much-needed hands-free hiking comfort, it has a sling-style design. The connector slips over the shoulder, to position the camera clip around your torso.

Furthermore, the design of this camera wrist strap makes it easier to put on and take off when the need arises. To ensure your camera is safe from any accidental drops, this strap features a quick-release tether. This safety tether feature offers extra security that you need for peace of mind. Therefore, you can hike with comfort, knowing your camera is safe.

The G3 weather cover is the other unique feature of this camera strap. This feature is a self-containing bag that is weatherproof to protect your camera from dust and water. Good for forest and mountain hiking.


  • Lightweight of 16 ounces.
  • Manufactured by Cotton Carrier, a U.S. company.
  • It is 100% Cotton.
  • The original color is Grey

What I like

  • Features many security features to keep your camera safe.
  • It is comfortable because of the good cotton padding.
  • An amazing design makes it easier to use and adjust.
  • Made using quality cotton materials that durable.
  • Excellent weight distribution, even for heavy cameras.

What I do not like

  • It is expensive. However, this is because of its unique features and quality.

HiiGuy Camera Strap, Adjustable Padded Sling for All SLR and DSLR Cameras, Neck and Shoulder Strap

This is one of the best camera straps for heavy lenses from HiiGuy Manufacturer. It can carry any SLR camera because it has a strong rugged stainless-steel screw mount. If you own a small digital camera or a professional zoom-lens camera, this sling will safely hold your camera.

The rugged stainless steel screw mount used in this product is similar to that used in parachutes and surfboards. For maximum protection of your camera against damage, it has complete rubbed padding.

All-day comfort is vital when hiking. For this reason, this camera strap features a lightweight padding design. This unique shoulder pad has a cushion to reduce pressure on your muscles. However, this pad is lightweight and sleek that you might not notice if it is cushioned.

HiiGuy sling also features a longer strap that is ideal for short, medium, and tall people. The strap is 32-inches longer and adjustable to provide maximum flexibility. All you need to do is swing up your camera to adjust and shoot a clear photo.

Finally, this product is universal because it holds all DSLR and SLR cameras. Irrespective of your camera model, this designer camera strap holds it safe and strong. Other extra features are a convenient zippered pocket that you can use to store batteries, memory cards, and lens wipes.


  • HII GUY is the Manufacturer of this product.
  • Although it is lightweight and sleek, it is strong to support heavy cameras.
  • Supports all DSLR and SLR cameras.
  • It has both neck and shoulder strap to offer comfort.

What I Like

  • Lightweight padding design to offer all-day comfort.
  • It is able to support all DSLR and SLR cameras safely, both small and heavy cameras.
  • Long and adjustable strap offers enough flexibility.
  • It attaches well to the camera, and it is easy to use.
  • Has an affordable price.

What I don’t Like

  • The design is poor, as it is too basic for professional camera lenses.
  • Although the Manufacturer says it supports both DSLR and SLR cameras, it is ideal for small size cameras.

Nicama Camera Strap Carrier Chest Harness Vest with Mounting Hubs & Backup Safety Straps for Hiking

Nicama camera strap is a multi-purpose chest harness, which you can combine to use with other straps to suit your needs. It is made of compact mesh fabric and nylon materials that allow air movement. The materials are comfortable and lightweight to reduce stress and offer comfort.

It also features a dead plate and a multi-loop shackle. You can fasten the shackle on your chest to hold fit the vest firmly. On the other hand, the dead plate feature enables you to adjust your camera. Moreover, it has several adjustable straps to offer convenience when carrying.

The other notable feature of this strap is a key ring with a free loop. You can combine this keyring and shackle to tighten the strap. This vest is ideal for hikers/ travelers with a neck strain and fatigue issues. Thanks to the safety locking system, for lengthy use and quick release.

Due to its rugged and sturdy design, you can use this vest as a dual camera strap to hold two cameras in a secure position for shooting. However, it only carries one camera.


  • The Manufacturer of this product is Nicama.
  • It has a lightweight of 1.19pounds.
  • This product is a multifunctional harness.
  • Materials used are fabric mesh and nylon.

What I Like

  • It solid and of good quality.
  •  This camera vest is easy to use while hiking.
  • Offers comfort and freedom of movement as the hands are free.
  • It holds the camera at the center and safe without dangling as you walk.
  • Has a safe locking system featuring instant release.

What I do not like

  • The instructions are not straightforward/clear.
  • Getting the right fit is troublesome at first because you need to make some adjustments.

USA GEAR DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness with Quick Release Buckles, Galaxy Neoprene Pattern and Accessory Pockets

A top-notch product from USA GEAR manufacturer. It is an ideal strap option for hikers and photographers who enjoy being hands-free. This chest harness has adjustable and padded straps that you can customize to your body size. It ranks among the best camera strap for hiking.

In addition, it has a comfortable neoprene design that ensures there is weight distribution across your shoulders, back, and neck to reduce discomfort and pain. Besides that, this neoprene camera strap is durable, making it great for hiking.

Thanks to the built-in accessory storage pockets feature. You can use them to hold your cleaning cloths, pens, batteries, memory cards, lens caps, and other accessories. The quick to release and easy to use buckles allows you to easily set-up and remove your camera from the harness.

Finally, the attachment features are safe and secure. The straps have keyrings that safely to standard webbing and small cameras. The item also comes with a 3-years warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Galaxy in color.
  • Has a comfortable neoprene design.
  • Manufactured by USA GEAR Company.
  • Padded and adjustable straps.

What I Like

  • It is well made and easier to use.
  • Thick straps make this product comfortable to wear and carry
  • Strong enough to hold even heavy cameras, because the connectors are strong and reliable.
  • Hold the camera in front of your chest for quick access.
  • Cheap price for all.

What I do not like

  • The design is sloppy for cameras with heavy lenses, as they tend to make the straps slip forward. 

Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap w/Quick Release and Safety Tether

The Rapid Fire camera strap is a product of the Altura Photo Company. This item works with any DSLR camera that has a standard tripod screw mount. It is fully adaptable because you can attach the plate and camera to a tripod without removing the plate from the camera.

Moreover, it has a quick-release design, which makes the attachment and removal easier. This means you can shoot photos while walking—a great deal for hikers and outdoor activities.

This camera strap also features a neoprene pad that distributes the weight of your camera across your body. This makes light and comfortable to carry all day. The design of the pad also features a zipper pocket where you can store your camera accessories. For example, memory cards, batteries, and others.

Finally, it has a durable and strong metal plate that holds your camera safely on the strap. To avoid scratches and slippage, the bottom layer of the plate is made of protective rubber.


  • Manufactured by Altura Photo.
  • It has anti-slip shoulder padding.
  • Compatible with compact, mirrorless, ad DSLR cameras that has a standard ¼ tripod mount.
  • Comes with durable all-metal clips.

What I like

  • Cost-effective, and affordable.
  • Adjustable strap that has a soft shoulder pad.
  • It is comfortable to carry.
  • The design features a storage pouch for accessories on the pad.

What I do not like

  • The design is poor and cheaply made.
  • It does not support cameras with heavy lenses.

Buying Guide: Best Camera Straps

Choosing the best camera straps is not as easy as you might think. To make sure you choose a strap that works perfectly for your camera, you need to determine your needs. Here are some factors to consider when buying a designer camera strap:

  • Material

You should consider the materials of a camera strap because they determine the durability, beauty, and comfort of that strap. Although there are various material options, such as leather and nylon, leather is the best option.

First, leather is durable and naturally beautiful. Besides that, theleather strap conforms to your shoulder contours over time. Although leather straps are expensive, they are resistant to fast wear and tear. In fact, the best camera wrist straps are made of leather.

However, it might be uncomfortable in warm climates and does not offer enough grasp to some cameras. In such cases, you should consider buying a different material.

  • Padding

One of the reasons for buying the best leather camera strap is comfort. This means you need to consider the padding of a strap. Soft and rich padding gives you the desired comfort, especially when carrying heavy cameras.

The padding of a camera strap determines the comfort of the strap. The best padding for comfort and versatility has unique closed-cell memory foam. The reason being, close-cells do not absorb humidity, making them fit for leather straps. Moreover, this type of padding provides the necessary support to carry heavy cameras during long hikes.

  • Features of the strap

Although you might not necessarily worry about the features offered by a strap, features are vital. Even if you are looking for the best camera wrist strap, check the features available. For example, some straps offer a folding flap feature, which enables you to shorten the strap by folding and locking the ends in that position.

This feature is great when shooting hiking video/photos because you can mount your camera on a tripod without removing the strap. In turn, you get sharp photos/videos because there is less camera shake.

 The other vital feature is the attachment band. A strong band resists cuts, wear and tear, and it increases the durability of your strap.

  • Type/design

There are different types of straps that come with different designs. The three major types are:

  • Wrist strap: the camera wrist straps are for holding the camera around the wrist. The design does not allow you to hold it anywhere else. The work of wrist straps is to ensure you do not drop your camera while hiking or shooting.
  • Neck strap: as the name suggests, these types of straps are for carrying cameras around the neck edges. They are the best camera strap for hiking or outdoor enthusiasts who like being hands-free. The neck-straps are reliable and have a different thickness for different cameras.
  • Shoulder strap: these straps are good for carrying the camera across the body for necessary support and comfort. They are good for hikers/photographers with long shoot days.


If you want to buy the best camera straps for hiking activities, you need to understand about camera connectors.

First, you need to know the number of connecting points on your camera. Some cameras have two connecting points, while others have one connecting point. Therefore, if you buy a two connecting point strap for one connecting point camera, it will not work well.

Secondly, check how well the connectors are connecting. Are the connectors snapping together, or are they fed via a thread? It is important to note that some straps are easy to communicate with than others. You should buy a strap with connectors that suits your needs, and that is easier to connect and disconnect.

  • Fixed or adjustable straps

Some straps are fixed, while others are adjustable. You should determine how high or low you would like your camera to hang. May dual camera straps are adjustable, while many camera wrist strap are fixed.

Nevertheless, a camera strap with adjustable length offers versatility. This type of strap is a one-size-fits solution. You can use your designer camera strap to carry your camera across the shoulders or around the neck.


  1. What is the best camera strap?

The best camera strap is the one that suits your needs. It should securely support your camera. Although there are many options, the best camera strap in this list is Cotton Carrier Skout Sling Style Harness.

  • Do professional photographers use camera straps?

YES. Professional photographers use camera straps to carry their cameras when shooting. Besides that, they use camera straps to hold their zoom lenses safely and firm.

  • Which camera strap is best for DSLR?

The best camera strap for DSLR is the Peak Design Slide because it can hold heavy cameras and lenses.

  • What are camera straps made of?

Leather and nylon are common materials for making camera straps. However, some straps are made of fabric, such as neoprene, which is also soft and comfortable.


Choosing the best camera strap for hiking is not as straightforward as you might think. However, you should consider all the above factors before buying. Different camera straps are made of different materials for various cameras. Make sure you choose a strap that is comfortable, easy to use, and safe enough to support your camera weight.

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