Are you looking for the best backpacking saw in the world? You have just landed on the right article. When in your backpacking spree, you will encounter a trail that needs an excellent saw. Or you will desperately need to get some limbs out of your way when starting up fire or when you want to build some shelter. Worry no more! I have made your work simple.

Continue reading to grasp the useful features and high premium materials in top-rated saws identified for you. Besides, to meet your backpacking needs, I have also highlighted various sizes and styles of saws to give you freedom of choice. My sincere aim is to ensure that you get the best saw that meets your needs and saves your money and time. All you need to do is pick one that suits your camping pursuits.



Are you an outdoor enthusiast? If you love outdoor adventures, Folding Hand Saw with Ergonomic TPR Handle is the best option. It is one of the best saws in the market today. Besides, it is a multipurpose saw that you can use for a variety of activities. With this handle, you can use it to prepare a meal, clear a path, or instantly put up a shelter. Surprisingly, the saw’s uses don’t end with backpacking. You can as well use your brand new saw in your garden to prune trees and shrubs.

Important features

  • Safe lock

I loved the safety element in this saw. When opening the saw, its blade locks into place immediately. As a result, the product gets sturdier to avoid getting stuck between the blade and the handle.

  • Durable paracord

The cutting product has a durable paracord meant for storage. It is useful for outdoor situations. You can trust the paracord to store your saw during your backpacking spree or hang it up during storage.

  • Easy cutting

The saw clears your way through the thicket efficiently. It is a perfect tool that can cut through dry and green wood with a wink of an eye. Besides, you can use it to cut through plastic and bones as you prepare a meal in the forest or clear a bush for camping.

  • Comfortable handle

A long rubber-coated polymer handle makes sure that you are having a comfortable grip while cutting through wood. You can go on cutting for long periods without fatigue.

  • Sharp sawing

Aggressive staggered teeth in the saw allow ultra-smooth and sharp sawing. The blade is made of 65Mn steel with seven teeth per inch, making it possible to cut through the branches’ thickest.

  • Lightweight

The saw weighs only 9 ounces for easy carrying. You can carry it along for many hours on your back without getting tired.

  • Lifetime Warranty

It comes with a warranty covered by The Friendly Swede’s Lifetime Warranty. With such a product, you are at liberty to replace it whenever you feel its performance is diminishing. No matter what happens, you can always call the customer service team to ensure that your hand saw lasts a lifetime.

What we liked

  • Longer blade for easy cutting
  • Resistant to rusting due to carbonized steel that gets made of
  • Replaceable blades
  • Lighter to handle
  • Cuts easily on push and pull
  • A safe and sturdy lock
  • Excellent stability while cutting
  • Cheap

What we didn’t like

  • May bend down if used incorrectly
  • Hard to cut through thicker branches


Are you looking for a lighter hand sawing machine? Silky New F-180 Folding Saw is ideal backpacking saw that cuts perfectly well using one hand. It has an added thickness to keep it stable while cutting.

Important features

  • Solid locking mechanism

It has an automatic safety lock installed. Whether you put the saw in an open position or closed, it will remain that way. Hence, this serves to give you an exciting experience while clearing a trail.

  • Firm and comfortable grip

The saw has a rubber handle to ensure that you won’t slip while cutting. Hence, no need to worry about getting blisters while clearing a bush for camping. You will have a tireless moment when cutting through branches in the thicket.

  • Durable blades

What I liked about the hand saw is that it gets meant to last you a long time. The blade is gets made with high premium carbonized steel that is rust-resistant.

  • Spring-loaded thumb lever lock

For added convenience, while cutting through objects, the saw has a spring lever lock. You will have a smooth sawing on any material such as plastic, wood, and bones.

  • Lightweight

The saw weighs 14oz and is 16 inches long in a closed position for easy carry in your backpack. It is light in weight as compared to other saws in the market.

  • Replaceable blades

If anything should happen, you can replace the blades in the saw. It makes it convenient for you should your blades get blunt in the process of cutting through the wood in the bush. 

What we liked

  • Cuts through wood fast
  • Has a sturdy steel frame to last for a long time
  • Fits well in your pocket and backpack
  • Portable
  • Stays sharp for more extended periods
  • Replaceable blades
  • Rust-resistant
  • Cuts on pull and push stroke, so you don’t experience a saw stuck

What we didn’t like

  • Bends if used incorrectly
  • Limited to limbs of 4 inches and thinner
  • Gets difficult to clean thoroughly due to its teeth design


Does adventure gladden your heart? If you are a true backpacker and a wildlife enthusiast, Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw is a perfect option. It has incredible features to cater to your backpacking needs in the woods.

Important features

  • Comfortable handle

It has a two-component plastic handle to provide a comfortable grip. Besides, its handle finish has a leather strap to give the grip a beautiful feel of class and decency.

  • Durable blade

The specialized coating on the blade gets meant to protect the hand saw from rust and to reduce friction while sawing. With this unique feature, it ensures that the edge lasts forever to serve your camping needs.

  • Safe to handle

I loved the fact that the saw features a safety lock to ensure that cut-off your limbs while clearing the trail. The blade locks itself when folded. Such a feature is useful, especially if you have small children around the camping area.

  • Rust-resistant

The saw has a special coating evident on the blade to maintain its efficiency and lengthen its life. You don’t have to get worried about rust ruining your hand saw. Besides, the coating on the edge provides the blade with lower friction.

  • Lightweight

It weighs less than 6 ounces to make it easy for you to hold and use. You won’t have to struggle to pull and push the saw through green or dried wood in the bushes.

What we liked

  • Offers fast and consistent cutting through wood
  • Does an excellent job holding an edge for a long time
  • Light in weight and easy to use
  • Has special coating to protect the blade against rust

What we didn’t like

  • Blade occasionally fails to lock into the handle.


Are you looking for a professional and versatile hand saw? Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Curved Blade is the best choice for you. Backpackers benefit from the saw for the general pruning of small branches in your camping activity.  

Important features

  • Rubber handles

The saw comes with a comfortable rubber grip to comfort as you prune trees and branches while hiking. You won’t have to worry about blisters that come with using a saw with a metal handle.

  • New style scabbard

It has a unique holder with an opening at the bottom of the blade. Such an exciting feature allows moisture and sawdust to fall out the holster effortlessly.

  • High carbon curved blade

It features a curved edge with an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design. It is hence providing higher cutting speed with less effort used. Besides, the blade employs high carbon steel to cut through branches with impressive speed yet with little effort.

  • Durable polypropylene sheath

The saw has a long-lasting storage sheath made with premium materials. It also has a detachable belt holder to keep the saw safely stowed when you need to stretch or free your hands off the machine.

  • Replaceable blades

Surprisingly, the blades in the saw cannot get sharpened. Instead, you can easily replace them when you feel that the blade’s performance is slowly reducing.

  • Light and flexible

The blade measures 13-inch length with 1.5mm thickness making it light to lift while you prune trees during your hiking and camping moments.

What we liked

  • Comfortable to hold for more extended periods
  • It can handle small to medium-sized logs and branches
  • Minimum bulk makes the saw more comfortable to hold and use
  • Safe for use by various ages
  • Provides you with full control of the saw

What we didn’t like

  • Has the potential to jam
  • Blades bend if not used correctly.


Are you looking for an easy tool to manage? Gerber Freescape Camp Saw is a perfect option for you. It is a smooth hand saw for backpacking as it can fold flat without removing its parts. Interestingly, when it folds, it is protected. Hence the saw’s blade maintains its high quality, and you won’t run the risk of injuring your arms.

Important features

  • Convenient rubber grip

The tool has a comfortable rubber handle. The rubber on the handle provides you with an enjoyable cutting experience with less fatigue. No matter the type of task you are doing, the saw stays in your hand firmly.

  • Safe using

The blade is about one foot long and is one inch thick when folded. It is completely covered in a closed mode to protect you against accidental cuts when it is not in use.

  • Replaceable blades

The good news is that should your blade wear out or accidentally break, you can easily replace it. It means that you won’t have to call the customer care line complaining about the blade’s performance. Besides, you won’t have to bargain on rebates and returns because of a broken edge.

  • Innovative design

The Freescape tool has a nicely designed saw blade. It allows you to cut through all types of wood quickly.

  • Sturdy frame

It has an extremely sturdy frame, and you can rely on it to cut through the hardest of woods. Surprisingly, it doesn’t wobble or bend while you are cutting through wood.

What we liked

  • Has an adjustable tension
  • Folds up thin and quickly
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easily replaceable edge and blade
  • Firm frame

What we didn’t like·        

  • More extensive than a hand saw
  • Has a mid-range price
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty


Having gone through my top 5 backpacking saws, you now have an idea of which tool to pick. That is not the end! You need to know the essential aspects to look for when selecting a specific saw for your backpacking activities. Simply scroll down below.

1. Length

Before you purchase a saw, take the time to have a look at your backpack. You will want to ensure that it fits the space reserved in your bag. Besides that, it also pays to have an idea of the purpose of your tool. If you have plans to cut through thicker wood, you will have to choose a saw longer than the wood diameter.

2. Weight

Weight is a factor that you should never forget, especially if you go on a backpacking pursuit. Saws come in different sizes and weight ranges. To have better maneuvering in the woods, you will need to carry something lighter. You wouldn’t wish for something that would weigh you down.

3. Blade material

The majority of collapsible saws meant for backpacking get made with steel. In all honesty, steel can rust, but the ones identified above are all coated to reduce the rusting chances. However, those made of high carbon steel can maintain their edge for more extended periods.

4. Blade edge

A saw either has a straight or a curved edge. Choose a backpacking tool with a curved perimeter. It usually has an ergonomic grip and design to hold on to the handle naturally without straining. Besides, it performs well when handling light-duty tasks.

On the contrary, saws with straight edges, they provide more sturdiness. They are useful when handling larger and longer tasks. Hence, if you are sure to run into thicker logs, you better carry one with a straight edge.

5. Cost

You typically get what you pay. However, our list contains the best saws suitable for camping. From our excellent choices, I have selected the best yet affordable tools that you can choose for your backpacking activity. Choose one that is pocket-friendly and suits your needs. You definitely will get one with the value of your money.

6. User-experience

Sincerely, cutting through the wood is a reasonably hard experience. It is the reason why you need to choose a saw that feels comfortable in your hands. If you are a newbie with cutting wood, select a tool lighter in weight but still durable enough to allow you saw wood for longer hours.

7. Credibility

I have helped you discover the finest of backpacking saws. Beware that reputable firms produce high-quality saws with tools tested and approved. The top 5 backpacking saws above are notable brands to give you a memorable experience with cutting wood.

8. Handle structure

Feeling comfortable when trimming wood ought to get on your priority list. I urge aluminum grips with excellent rubber handles to provide you with the comfort you deserve. You wouldn’t wish to have blisters on your hands after clearing a trail in the thicket. Consider the safety of your arms above everything else.


What is the best folding saw?

An excellent folding saw gets folded flat when in a closed position to provide safety while stored inside the sheath. Hence, if you need a folding saw, go through our review above to select one of your choices.

Which one is an ultralight backpacking saw?

It is a saw lighter in weight to give you ample time as you lift and cut through any type of wood. If you want an ultralight tool, I have perfect choices for you in the article. With our saws, you can get assured of quality yet comfortable and light to use.

What is the best budget saw?

It is a hand saw with the best qualities yet affordable in the market.  If you desire to have the best saw for the money, scroll up to our saw reviews, and you find a perfect match for your needs and funds.

What is the best trail clearing saw?

If you have plans to clear through a trail in backpacking activities, you will have to choose a tool with super sharp razors and blades. Choose a saw with blades made with high premium materials such as those with high carbon steel. As a result, it will give you a comfortable time while clearing a trail in the thicket.


Summarily, I have given you everything you have ever wished to know about top quality backpacking tools. From the list above, you will find the best features you have ever wanted in a hand saw. You can get confident that these are the perfect saws in the world to cater to your hiking needs. Read through the saws I offer to equip yourself with reliable information on durable sawing tools in the modern market. Make sure to select the best backpacking saw that would cater to your camping needs forever. 

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